New podcast: Wild research bites!

Last changed: 10 June 2020

In this first episode of Wild Research Bites you will be introduced to the vision for the podcast and a personal story of how two nature interested children became Ph.D. students at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU).

The podcast is recorded in Umeå at the Department of Wildlife, Fish, and Environmental Studies within the Forest faculty. But who are the two Ph.D. students behind the microphones? First, we have Olli Hyvärinen, moved to Sweden from the north-east of Finland but he visited several other countries on his way from basic education to research on rhino-plant-climate interactions. Second, we have Emelie Fredriksson, born and raised up here in the north of Sweden. She moved to Umeå 2010 to start her bachelor education and have stayed since then!

Her research is focused on fire and forest management. This interview between Emelie and Olli briefly covers most areas this podcast will revolve around, which includes current nature-related topics, education, and research. Lastly, they go through the future episode ideas for the podcast and encourages everyone who listens to this first episode to give feedback, questions, and comments.

Listen here: