Episode 11 - Master thesis

Last changed: 10 June 2020

In this episode of Wild Research Bites Emelie interview two students writing their master thesis project at the department of Wildlife, Fish, and Environmental studies at SLU in Umeå.

Michelle Etienne is a German student that did her previous studies at Stockholm University and is currently doing a 60 credit thesis about Golden eagle movements in relation to linear infrastructure such as roads. She is studying if these structures form ecological traps for the eagles and how this is effecting the population.

She is interested in movement ecology and aspires to continue with a PhD in the future.

Raul Lira Rodriguez came all the way from Chile to Umeå to study the master program in Management of Fish and Wildlife populations and writing his thesis linking plant community composition, abiotic factors to competition and management of livestock and wildlife such as Ibex and Snow leopard in Kyrgyzstan.

We discuss their general experience of doing a master thesis so far, what has been the hardest parts and the easiest parts. Another important aspect of enjoying your work is the setting. What do they think of Umeå as a city to study in? Does the possibilities of seeing the auroras in winter really outweigh the huge amounts of mosquitoes during summer?!

Listen to find out more about their topics, their experiences and their best advice for someone starting their thesis! 

Thanks to Michelle and Raul for joining this episode. The plan is to follow this up with more episodes of students sharing their experience with doing a master thesis. Let us know if you think this would be of value to you and if you would like to be featured in a future episode!