Episode 3: Master Studies

Last changed: 13 August 2020

In this episode of Wild Research Bites we discuss master studies and thesis work with Anna Widén and Stephanie Higgins who both took part in the Fish and wildlife master's programme.

Together with Steph and Anna we discuss their overall experience with the program before diving deep into their individual master thesis projects. Annas thesis project was about bark stripping of red deer on Norway spruce where she found the interactions between Swedish forestry and wildlife interesting.

Stephanie is trying to build a pedigree for wolverines in Scandinavia using DNA sampling and analysis methods to study patterns across generations on a large scale. We also discuss study techniques, different teaching activities and also what specifically Anna and Stephanie think a good teacher and a good supervisor does.

The master's programme Management of Fish and Wildlife populations is given at the Department of Wildlife, Fish and, Environmental Studies at SLU Umeå.