Applied Population Ecology

Last changed: 14 December 2023
 Red deer. Photo.

Why do some populations grow while others decline? How large is a population required to be sure that a species will not go extinct? How can we best select among alternate ways of conserving an endangered species? How can we sustainably harvest a given species?

This course covers theoretical foundations of population ecology, and important applications of population ecology to solve real-world problems.

Important theoretical concepts of population ecology and population genetics are included to ensure a solid foundation, but the course focuses on the many important applications of population ecology to solve real world problems.

The course addresses the sustainable use of harvested animal populations and difficulties related to conserving endangered species by considering the demographic and genetic problems of small and/or fragmented populations.

These skills are in great demand in Sweden and around the world.  The course is part of our international masters’ programme in fish and wildlife management.