Sustainable Use of Natural Resources

Last changed: 20 April 2022
Woman in the mountains. Photo

How can we use natural resources in a sustainable way? What are the conflicts that can arise when different interests collide? Explore this with us in this course!

In the summer of 2022, the course will be held in the Czech Republic. We start from Prague and make various day trips from there.

The excursions will offer hiking in mountains and forests and visits to various activities linked to the use of natural resources such as fish, energy or minerals. We will meet with local representatives and get their views on sustainability.

Different aspects of sustainability

In the course, we will shed light on various aspects of sustainability and give an introduction to how natural resources have been used throughout history up to the present day. The focus of the course is natural resource utilization with all the exciting questions that can be linked to this. Students from SLU in Sweden, Purdue University and North Carolina State University participate in the course.

Landscape in the Czech Republic.
During hikes in the mountains we learn about mountain ecosystems. Photo: Gary B. Blank
 Deciduous forest.
Sustainable forest management is one focus in the course. Photo: Gary B. Blank
Power plant in the Czech Republic.
During the course we discuss sustainable energy provision and meet representatives for coal and nuclear power. Photo: Gary B. Blank

International course

The course is usually a study trip given in collaboration with Purdue University and NC State University, USA.