Sustainable Use of Natural Resources

Last changed: 16 October 2020
Woman in the mountains. Photo

The course is cancelled! Because of the Covid-19 outbreak and following travelling restrictions the course will be cancelled this year (2020). Welcome with your application in 2021.

Here is a description of the course, which will be given in the summer of 2021 instead:

This course involves a rigorous 3-week excursion including alpine hiking, full days in the field, and almost daily site visits with natural resources practitioners and faculty.

The course starts in Prague – and the field trip ends in Sweden . The travel will go via the Tatra mountains, by Białowieża Forest in Poland (the last remnant of native temperate forest in Europe) and end up in central Sweden.

This course involves students from NC State, Purdue University and the Swedish Agricultural University (SLU). Students work in teams to examine varied topics within the broad scope of natural resources sustainability.

After the first organizing week with lectures and local field trips, the class departs from Prague to travel. Along the way, the class visits examples of resource management where professional managers, policy makers, and practitioners provide insights to the past, present and future issues involved in commodity production, conservation, and protection of natural resources. Faculty at all three universities plan and participate in delivering material, arranging tours with hosts, and grading student deliverables based on lectures and excursion experiences.

Transport will be by bus or public transit as available and required for activities and locations visited in cities and small towns and rural locations. Lodging will vary from dormitory-style accommodations to youth hostels and tourist cabins. In most cases, students will occupy two-person rooms sharing bathroom facilities. Overnight ferry travel (included in program cost) will probably be required.

Old-growth forest. Photo.
Białowieża. Photo: Dries Kuijper

Course period: The course is cancelled 2020, and will be given in the summer 2021 (7.5 credits)

Language: English

Application deadline: The course i s cancelled and will be given in the summer of 2021 instead. Next application period is between February 20 and March 16 2021.

Cost: A fee will be charged for travel and accommodation during the course. The fee is not yet decided, but will be approximately 10 000 SEK + the trip to Prague. Program students at the Forest Faculty can apply for scholarships to cover this cost.

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