Fish and wildlife management

Last changed: 15 September 2023
 Moose bull with yellow collar in snowy mountain landscape. Photo.

What are the success stories of fish and wildlife management? What are the current challenges? After finishing the course, you will be able to plan the sustainable management of selected fish and wildlife species.

The course will train you to base your management planning on a consideration of population biology, predation, harvest and the goals of society. You will be able to communicate recommendations for the management of fish or wildlife populations at a level appropriate for professional managers, scientists and the public.

You will receive advanced training in efficiently finding the information needed for management of fish and wildlife populations. Field excursions illuminate selected problems in current management, habitat restoration, etc.

The course includes realistic exercises designed to help you acquire and develop proficiency in communication skills needed to be successful managers of fish and wildlife populations or leaders of conservation in the real world.

In fact, many of the teachers in this course are the ones actually doing the management of fish and wildlife today! Not only does this help bring you in contact with potential employers, but it ensures that all our students continue to be in demand because of your up-to-date knowledge and skills.
The course is part of our international masters' programme Conservation and Management of Fish and Wildlife.