Episode 7: Moose research

Last changed: 10 June 2020

In the 7th episode of the podcast, we dive into the subject of moose research with researchers Wiebke Neumann and head of department and professor Göran Ericsson.

First, we start by discussing the national TV show that recorded the migration of moose over a river in central Sweden using remote cameras. The cameras were broadcasted 24/7 for 3 weeks getting as much as 4.6 millions streamed hours. Göran was taking part as an expert and tells us about his experience.

Then we discuss various topics regarding moose such as road accidents, adaptation to climate change, national and European situation, human activities such as hunting and management. The reasons for doing research on moose and what tools we have to study these large animals such as GPS collars.

At last, I ask them to tell me an interesting fact about moose. Did you know that moose snore? Or can swim very long distances?

Listen to this months episode to learn more: