Sanghyun Kim - always looking for the most interesting research topic

Last changed: 05 March 2020
Portrait of Sanghyun Kim.

Sanghyun Kim describes himself as a Korean nomad in search of interesting research and places to live. We're glad he choose to make a stop on his journey at our Department to write his Master's thesis about the effects of forest management on soil fungal communities in Swedish forests.

Who am I?

I am a Korean nomad who is seeking out the most interesting research topic and ideal place to live. I graduated a Master's programme in Plant and Forest Biotechnology at Umeå University and did my Master's thesis project in SLU, Dept. of Wildlife, Fish and Environmental Studies.

What did you do your Master's Thesis about?

I evaluated the effects of forest management on soil fungal communities in Swedish boreal forest ecosystems. I've collected soils and fruit-bodies from three different forest managements (Clear-fell forestry, Continuous-cover forestry, Unmanaged forest) and analyzed soil chemical properties, fungal community composition and fruit-body productivity. By presenting similar fungal communities between continuous-cover and unmanaged treatments, I could suggest a future-oriented management system for sustainable forest.

Why did you choose that topic?

To find an interesting research topic, I have studied various fields such as forestry and biotechnology within life science. I wanted to try researching ecology for the first time and apply what I've learned from biotechnology at the same time. This research topic required both ecological and biotechnological knowledge. I could learn about ecological approach and fungal DNA barcoding thanks to my supervisors in SLU Umeå and collaboration with a mycologist in SLU Uppsala.

How did you experience your time as a student at the Dept. of Wildlife, Fish and Environmental Studies?

I could work efficiently and independently by having flexible working hours and discussing equally. Additionally, I was glad that I could attend many interesting seminars and conferences through our Department. Our researchers are gentle and respectful for everyone. We all mingle every Friday at 'fika' time with handmade delicacies, which is a cool tradition of our Department.