Episode 10 - Scientific communication

Last changed: 10 June 2020

How do we communicate our science to the public? And why do we think it's so important? Those some of the topics we discuss in the new Wild Research Bites podcast episode.

Joining me are journalist and communication officer Susanna Bergström and animal ecologist Tim Hofmeester.

We start by trying to define what science communication is and how one can go about it in an effective and interesting way. Susanna shares her experience working with scientists, differences from being a journalist, and fun examples of what she is currently up to.

There are both challenges and rewards with doing outreach and we touch on subjects of language, pinpointing the correct audience, media experience (or non-experience) and more.

A related topic to scientific communication is citizen science where the general public works with scientists to do science in one form or another. Tim introduces the project he has initiated called "Meet your wild neighbours" were citizens in Umeå get to set up a wildlife camera in their garden to find out what animals are there.

When I asked Tim what exciting animals the participants of the project had found in their gardens he didn't get the chance to mention it before both I and Susanna spoiled it. What species do you think it is?

Listen to find out what it was and also more "hardcore" science insights!