Clara’s main interest is restoration ecology

Last changed: 16 December 2019
Portrait of Clara Espinosa.

Clara Espinosa’s studying for a master’s in conservation biology. She chose to do her thesis at our dept. where she’s studying different restoration methodologies applied in boreal forests.

Who am I?

I would describe myself as an active and positive person who loves to spend time outdoors. I am from Spain but this is my second year in Sweden, where I am studying a master's in Conservation Biology.

What are you doing your master's thesis about?

In my Master's thesis, I will study different restoration methodologies applied in boreal forests. My goal is to test if these new methodologies can enhance plant biodiversity. I hope my thesis can supply results to help implement more restoration actions in the boreal forests.

Why did you choose that topic?

My main interest in biology is restoration ecology, the interdisciplinary approach fascinated me and I think it will play a key role in the following years, facing the consequences of climate change and human development.