Project based advanced course

Last changed: 20 April 2022
Person looking under a microscope. Photo.

Do you have a study question in one of our expert fields that you just have to dig into? Or maybe a field you want to explore in your own project with the support of an experienced supervisor? Then this is the course for you.

Together with your supervisor, you identify a study question that is appropriate for the topic and then accomplishes an individual project

The course includes compulsory parts such as literature studies, lectures, exercises, study visits or field studies. The course is adapted depending on your project.

You will present your work in a report that will be graded according to the introduction to the study question, formulation of the problem, description of the methods, data processing, conclusions, use of literature, linguistic usage and conciseness.

You will also present your work verbally at a seminar.

In order to be registered on the course, you must have a supervisor at the department and have chosen a subject. Feel free to contact us and we will help you further!