Linda does her master's thesis - twice

Last changed: 09 January 2023
Portrait of Linda Zetterkvist.

Linda Zetterkvist is studying to become a forester and has chosen to do two master's theses at our Department, one in biology and one in forest science. This way she can take a double degree after completing her education. Read more about Linda's first thesis below!

Who am I?

My name is Linda and I am currently doing my last year at the Master's programme in forest science by doing two master degrees (one in forest science and one i biology) at the department of Wildlife, Fish and Environmental Studies. As a hunter I have always had a big interest in forest and environmental management- thereof the choice to study for a "Jägmästar-degree".

What is your Master's thesis about?

My master's thesis is about roe deer, moose and red deers movement patterns in relation to each other as well as habitat selection over forested areas. I'm also investigating if habitat selection differed depending on the season of the year and diurnal activity.

What did you find out?

I discovered that all three ungulate species was affected by each others presence by actively choosing areas with lower densities of each other. Habitat selection differed between the seasons as well as somewhat between species as well. There was also differences in diurnal habitat selection between the species

How did you experience your time as a student in our Department?

I am thriving very well at the department of wildlife, fish and environmental management with all the helpful and knowledgeable people as well as the like-minded master's students to share this experience with.

What's happening next?

I will now begin my second master thesis i biology with focus on how ungulates activity pattern change in response to other ungulates presence.