Teaching and Supervision

Last changed: 28 January 2023

We actively contribute towards teaching in ecology, evolution, conservation and biostatistics at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Courses include: Monitoring biodiversity for Science and Conservation, Census methods for Fish and Wildlife Populations, Statistics in R, Spatial Analyses with R and many more are organized as per need and demand.

If you are interested in doing a master thesis with us, please do not heistate to contact us with your ideas or directly apply to an advertised project hosted on the departmental webpage.

Currently Open projects:

Topic 1: Spatial Population Ecology of Golden eagles on the Island of Gotland. (See below for description).

Topic 2: Mapping the potential and options for landscape scale biodiversity conservation activities for large renewable energy holding.

Topic 3: Movement ecology of large herbivores - space use and interactions.

Topic 4: Golden eagle movements in relation to wind farm developments.


Master Thesis Projects

Spatial population ecology of golden eagles on the Island of Gotland

60 credits

Project Background

The project aims to investigate the population ecology of Golden eagles (Aquila Chrysaetos) on the island of Gotland close to the east coast of Sweden. This is a globally unique yet little known eagle population. Basic demographic parameters, habitat use, movement patterns, territorial dynamics are some of the questions which will be explored in this collaborative project between SLU and the County Administrative Board of Gotland. Project requires field work along with extensive analyses of field collected and spatial data.


We seek an ambitious candidate with a strong aptitude for field work, quantitative and modelling background in ecology, skills in GIS, statistics and data analyses are almost essential. The candidate should be able to work in a multicultural and multidisciplinary environment, and have a good level of autonomy and creativity. A good knowledge of spoken English and writing skills are essential. Knowledge of Swedish is a plus. The expected start of the position is as soon as possible. The place of work will be the Department of Wildlife, Fish and Environmental Studies at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Umeå, with occasional trips to the field sites.


For additional queries about the project or related information, please email or call. E-mails should be sent to navinder.singh@slu.se.