Quality assurance of data collection

Last changed: 28 June 2023

To assure the quality of the data collected within DCF a number of measures are in place, concerning sampling design, sampling routines, quality checks and evaluation of eg accuracy. Documentation of  quality assurance measurements for different samplings schemes are described here.

Sampling design and quality controls for different sampling schemes are described in the National program of DCF.

National program 2020-2021, (the National program for 2022-2024 is not out on SWAMs webpage yet 2023-01-03. Tables from the national plan 2020-2021)

Sampling design
Sampling design is found in text box 4A in the National program.
In the end of Text box 4A, information on data storage and quality assurance is listed for all sampling schemes.

Data Capture, storage and processing
Field data are registered on paper or in E-reg (fishery-dependent surveys, e.g., commercial and recreational fisheries, se manual) and in E-reg or Sve-reg (fishery-independent surveys). Manuals for datacapture are available by contacting lars.magnus.andersson@slu.se.

Quality checks are run on data at different stages:

Quality checks in the field at data capture, in electronic registration applications: E-reg (commercial fishery, Fisherman survey, Swedish Sound Survey) and Sve-reg (scientific surveys on Svea)

Quality checks when data is registered in the database FD2

Annual quality checks of data in FD2 via R-scripts on commercial fishery data.

Annual quality checks of survey data are also made when uploading to the international database DATRAS.


Specific documentation for sampling of salmon and sea trout:
Data collection of salmon and sea trout, stocked amounts  and sites (sampling strategy and data form)
Recreational river catch survey
River sampling, Salmon and trout parr counts (manual, environmental quality criteriaprocesses to evaluate data accuracy)
River sampling, salmon smolt counts (manual, mark-recapture estimation, pictures of smolt stages for identification)

National database for electrofishing:
The Swedish Electrofishing Register (SERS). Contains manuals for how to perform electrofishing, information on how to retrieve data from SERS, education and permits for electrofishing, and more. Some of the content is available in English, some only in Swedish so far.

English site:

Swedish site: