Last changed: 02 June 2023

Kindla is situated about 25 km straight to the northwest of Lindesberg, roughly 15 kilometres northwest of Storå/Guldsmedshyttan near the little village of Nyberget. The site is situated on the eastern edge of the large (933 ha) nature reserve Kindla, established in 1999.



  • International code: SE15
  • Latitude/longitude: N59°45´, E14°54´
  • Swedish Grid: 662650/144950
  • County: Örebro län (T)
  • Municipality: Lindesberg
  • Land owner: State
  • Size of catchment: 20,4 ha
  • Long-term average precipitation (not corrected): about 850 mm
  • Long-term average temperature: about +4 °C
  • Snow cover: about 130 days
  • Length of vegetation period (mean temp. > +5°C): about 180 days
  • Biome: southern boreal
  • Dominant vegetation type: Norway spruce - Vaccinium myrtillus forest
  • Dominant soil type: podsol
  • Bedrock: coarse-grain granite
  • Air pollutant deposition: moderate, N about 8 kg, S about 10 kg/ha/year/
  • Land-use history: Trees have been felled for charcoal to be used in the neighbouring furnace since the 16th century. At the IM site eight "charcoal bottoms" have been traced, several of them with remnants of cabins. The present stands are about 95 years old, probably sown since the latest clear-felling in the early 1900th century. In the upper part there are a few larch trees.