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Last changed: 14 November 2017

To achieve the goals of CLEO related to runoff chemistry from the Swedish forested landscape, a uniquely comprehensive database of water quality together with supporting climate and catchment information has been created.

At the center of this database are 9 well-studied forest catchments where the CLEO water quality modelling effort has been focused. This has resulted in an ensemble of simulations decades back in time and predictions decades into the future.

Furthermore, a database that includes runoff, chemistry, climate, and associated catchment GIS information has been compiled for another 215 larger catchments from national and regional monitoring programs.

The information (observed and modelled) of the 9 reference catchments as well as of the 215 larger streams and rivers are made publicly available below.

A detailed overview of all data present on the website can be found here.

A table containing explanations for common abbreviations used in the files can be downloaded here.

Data of the Integrated Monitoring (IM) sites Kindla, Aneboda, and Gårdsjön are officially located at the IM database. The Svartberget data are oficially hosted at the Krycklan Catchment Study (KCS) database.


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Information on the 9 reference catchments and additional 215 watercourses can be found in the menus below

Runoff data - 9 reference catchments

Runoff observed

Site   From    To
Gårdsjön F1   1979   2009
Gårdsjön G2   1992   2005
Berg (Pipbäcken Nedre)   1985   2008
Aneboda   1997   2008
Stubbetorp (Dammen)   1985   1997
Kindla   1997   2008
Sniptjärn   1977   1997
Ammarnäs skog (Lillbäcken)   1985   2000
Svartberget   1981   2008
Download file  (excel, 2 Mb)

Stream chemistry - 9 reference catchments

Stream chemistry observed

Site   From    To
Gårdsjön F1   1989   2009
Gårdsjön G2   1989   2009
Berg (Pipbäcken Nedre)   1984   2009
Aneboda   1996   2009
Stubbetorp (Dammen)   1983   1997
Kindla   1994   2009
Sniptjärn   1976   2008
Ammarnäs skog (Lillbäcken)   1984   2000
Svartberget   1986   2009
Download file (excel, 2 Mb)

Climate data - 9 reference catchments

Climate observed/modelled

Modelled PTHBV precipitation and temperature (1961-2009) for all sites
Download file (excel, 3 Mb)

Daily relative humidity (RH) and wind speed data for all sites from different climate stations
Download file (excel, 8 Mb)

Daily precipitation, wind speed, global radiation, air temperature, air humidity and wind direction data from 'Mast station' at Gårdsjön, site Gårdsjön F1, Gårdsjön G2 and Aneboda
Download file (excel, 4,1 Mb)

Hourly values of different solar radiation parameters from various climate stations
Download file (excel, 52 Mb)

Deposition data - 9 reference catchments

Deposition observed/modelled

OF = open field deposition, TF = throughfall deposition

Site  Frequency   OF   Time series    TF   Times series 
MATCH model annual       2006-2008        
Gårdsjön annual/mon.   X   1996-2008   X   1996-2008
Berg monthly   X   1983-2004        
Aneboda monthly   X   1983-2008   X   1996-2005
Kindla monthly   X   1996-2008   X   1996-2005
Ammarnäs monthly   X   1983-2009+1991-2000   X   1991-2009
Svartberget monthly   X   2002-2007   X   1983-1997
Download file  (excel, 528 kb)   

Soil data - 9 reference catchments

Soil data

Soil/ water temperature, moisture and groundwater level data:
Aneboda, Gardsjön and Kindla 
Download file  (excel, 1 Mb)  
Soil chemistry data: Aneboda, Kindla and Gardsjön 
Download file  (excel, 205 Kb)
Soil physics data: Aneboda and Kindla
Download file  (excel, 89 Kb)
Soil water (SW) chemistry data: Aneboda and Kindla
Download file  (excel, 1 Mb)
Ground water (GW) chemistry data: Aneboda and Kindla
Download file  (excel, 895 Kb)
Detailed information on SW and GW sampling locations and depths:
Aneboda, Kindla and Gardsjön
Download file  (doc, 97 Kb)
Note: Soil data files above may contain some inconsistencies                                                       

Soil parameters and background information of the sampling sites:
Download file  (doc, 126 Kb)

Soil data from the S-transect: Svartberget (1995):
Loss on Ignition: Download file  (excel, 162 Kb)
Hydr. Conductivity: Download file  (excel, 42 Kb)
Particle size distribution: Download file  (excel, 138 Kb)
pF-curve: Download file  (excel, 97 Kb)

Litterfall - 9 reference catchments

Litterfall data

Yearly litterfall chemistry data from 1998-2009 for Aneboda and Kindla   Download file (excel, 28 Kb)

Catchment info/maps - 9 reference catchments

Catchment information/Maps

Map of the location of the 9 sites in Sweden: Download file (jpg, 84 kb)

Maps with information on soil, topography, bedrock, sampling locations from Kindla, Aneboda and Gårdsjön: Download file (ppt,  918 Kb)

Maps with information on catchment, vegetation and soil from Svartberget: Download file (ppt, 559 Kb)

Various catchment information for all sites, e. g. program, geographic location, different codes, X, Y, N, E, overview vegetation (partly information in Swedish): Download file (excel, 11 Kb)

Vegetation - 9 reference catchments


All files contain a comprehensive explanation of column headings. Years when inventories were carried out are specified. Moreover, Aneboda, Gårdsjön, and Kindla maps are included within the files where data from these catchments are available.

Algae and lichens on young spruce - Aneboda, Gårdsjön, and Kindla
Download file (excel, 5.5 Mb)
Circular plots: Soil - Aneboda, Gårdsjön, and Kindla
Download file (excel, 5.5 Mb)
Circular plots: Trees - Ammarnäs, Aneboda, Gårdsjön, and Kindla
Download file (excel, 6.5 Mb)
Circular plots: Trees (basal area) - Ammarnäs and Gårdsjön
Download file (excel, 2.6 Mb)
Circular plots: Trees (small trees) - Ammarnäs and Gårdsjön
Download file (excel, 2.6 Mb)
Circular plots: Vegetation layers - Ammarnäs, Aneboda, Gårdsjön, and Kindla
Download file (excel, 6.0 Mb)
Intensive plots: Trees - Ammarnäs, Aneboda, Gårdsjön, and Svartberget
Download file (excel, 5.1 Mb)
Intensive plots: Understorey vegetation - Ammarnäs, Aneboda, Gårdsjön, Kindla, and Svartberget
Download file (excel, 6.2 Mb)
Forest damage - Gårdsjön and Kindla
Download file (excel, 3.3 Mb)
Tree cover on intensive plots - Aneboda, Gårdsjön, and Kindla
Download file (excel, 5.5 Mb)
Epiphytes on tree trunks - Ammarnäs, Gårdsjön, and Svartberget
Download file (excel, 66 kb)

Runoff - 215 streams and rivers


S-Hype modelled daily runoff for all sites (1990-2010)

Download file (excel, 70 MB)

Stream chemistry - 215 streams and rivers

Stream chemistry

Various monthly collected parameters for all sites (1990-2010)

Download file (excel, 5,4 MB)

Climate - 215 streams and rivers


PTHBV modelled daily temperature and precipitation for all sites (1990-2010)

Download file (excel, 62 MB)

Catchment info/map - 215 streams and rivers

Catchment information and map

Information regarding location, soil type, and land use; and some statistics from chemical, hydrological, and climatic variables for all sites

Download file (excel, 321 KB)

Map with location of all 215 sites within Sweden

Download file (jpg, 55 KB)

Data citation:

Temnerud, J., Andersson, L., Arheimer, B., Bishop, K., Bringmark, L., Lundin, L., Löfgren, S., Moldan, F., and Nilsson, T., 2014. The CLEO-database: Nine forested headwater streams in Sweden, 1977-2009.


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