Final reports

Last changed: 13 February 2024

Projects with final reports during the last years are listed below. Most of them are written in Swedish but with a summary in English. The links goes to the project homepages where also annual reports and publications can be found.

Final reports 2024

Improving pasture utilization by using the natural variation in cows’ grazing behaviour and herbage nutrient content

Final reports 2023

Strip-till establishment of organic crops in withered cover crops

Final reports 2021

Cut fallow against couch grass 

Are we controlling perennial weeds too late?

Swedish organic lentils (summary)

Reduction of campylobacter by feeding silage to organically produced broilers

Half the surface tilled – using row hoeing and under-sown subsidiary crops (summary)

Cultivation systems on organic arable farms – improvement of plant nutrient management

Organic broiler production - hybrid, outdoor range and mapping of problems and factors of success on commercial farms

Does compact total mixed ration improve animal welfare in organic dairy herds?

Faba bean – the importance of insect pollination for yield

Lamb production – animal welfare through breeding

Chrysopidae family and flower strips as habitat management practices for control

Final reports 2020

Control strategies against Tussilago farfara - based on mechanical soil cultivation

Development of new hybridization material for improved resistance to late blight in organic growing systems

Fertigation of apples with organic nitrogen fertilizers

Control strategies against nightshade and hairy nightshade, including short fallow and cover crops, in a crop rotation with potatoes, carrots, onions and cereals

Parasite intervention in organic sheep flocks

Combined biological control with microorganisms and biofumigation in tomato production

Final reports 2019

Development of non-chemical greenhouse control methods against
cucumber powdery mildew in collaboration with growers

Functional botanical diversity – a path to robust cropping systems with aphids in focus

New applications for the weed mower – mowing of creeping thistle and scentless mayweed in winter wheat and in leys for seed production

Final reports 2018

Development of an organic piglet production system where batch-wise breeding is made possible by exploring the natural physiology of the sow

Pelleted fertiliser – optimal placement with regard to nitrogen use efficiency, weeds and grain yields

Automatic weighing as an animal health monitoring tool on pasture

Deep litter for sheep - plant nutrient value and comparison of bedding materials

Final reports 2017

Resource efficient control of couch grass – optimal timing of stubble cultivation and cutting of a grass/clover catch crop

Total mixed ration for dairy cows

Foot spray against digital dermatitis

Organic production systems in Northern highbush blueberries - part II

Final reports 2016

Optimization of protein supplementation in organic milk production

Better nutritional value of forage to milk and beef production

Alkylresorcinols in rye bran can be used against storage diseases in organic apple production

Final reports 2015

Yield stability in varietal mixtures of faba bean - updated 2016

Animal welfare in organic pig production - does leg health improve by change of sire breed?

Balanced fertilisation of tomatoes

Improved weed control in carrots through prolonged germination period combined with false seedbed and delayed sowing

Multifunctional cover crops for stockless farming systems

Final reports 2014

Pathways for roundworm infection on laying hen farms

Locally adapted cereal cultivars in organic farming for quality in production and product

Organic production systems for Northern highbush blueberries

Development of odor-based strategies for control of seed-eating weevils in clover seed production

Why are organic laying hen flocks affected by Erysipelas?