Oil and soap

Last changed: 06 December 2023

Influence of application technology on the pest control effect in fruit and berry production

Project manager: Sven Axel Svensson, Department of Landscape Management and Horticultural Technology, SLU

Oils and soaps could be used against pests in organic farming and they therefore represent potential means to reduce the use of chemical pesticides. However, their application requires total coverage of the pest, as these substances act directly through inhibiting the respiratory organs or through damaging the skin. The application methods currently in use are inadequate, resulting in an unreliable and non-uniform biological effect.

The purpose of this project is to study means and methods to improve the application technology and by this guarantee the effect. During year 1, investigations were carried out on biological effect, tank agitation and technical application methods. These will continue during years 2 and 3, combined with field experiments, implemented against important pests in raspberry, strawberry and fruit (in cooperation with growers and advisors).