Last changed: 06 December 2023

Crop rotation with plant residues returned as biodigestate

Project manager: Gunnar Svensson, Dept of Crop Science, SLU.

Project group: Ulla Gertsson and Anita Gunnarsson, Hortikultur, SLU

The aim of the project is to achieve nutrient supply within a five-year crop rotation through including a green manure crop and returning residues from the commercial crop and the green manure in the form of biodigestate. The crop rotation includes the following crops:

  • Green manure 
  • Beetroot/sugarbeet 
  • Spring wheat 
  • Peas 
  • Spring barley with undersown crop

The advantages of this system are that:

  • Plant nutrients can be saved from one season to the next and can therefore be used at the desired time in the next season. 
  • Nitrogen fixation in the green manure is probably increased, since the cut biomass is removed 
  • The biodigestate is liquid and can therefore be used in the growing crop 
  • Biogas is produced as a by-product.

The beetroot crop is in a separate treatment with different pre-crop treatments and associated quality studies. To this part of the project  Anita Gunnarsson is associated as a PhD-student.