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Mikroekonomisk teori

The course gives a sound understanding of the formal core theories of microeconomics. It goes deeper than previous courses into topics such as consumer demand, producer supply and general equilibrium analysis. The course emphasizes mathematical analysis in developing the theory, but also explores its relationship with graphical analysis and formal economic reasoning. Although the course focuses on the theoretical framework of microeconomic analysis, there will also be some applications presented to illustrate the use of these analytical tools.

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Welcome to the course Microeconomic Theory, 7.5 hp!

This course is in collaboration with Uppsala University where all teaching and examination will be held.
For more information about the course, click here: Microeconomic theory - UU

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It is not possible to self-register for this course in Ladok Student. How to register for the course depends on what programme you are enrolled in:

  • Students on "Agronomprogrammet – ekonomi" can register by sending an email to econ-edu@slu.se. The deadline is 14 August 2023.
  • Students starting a master's programme will be registered as part of the roll call for their programme.

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If you have questions regarding the course content, the student account, Studium or Ladok Student at Uppsala University, please contact studentadmin@nek.uu.se. For other questions, please contact econ-edu@slu.se.


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NA0135-10377 - Sammanställning av kursvärdering

Efter att kursvärderingen stängt har kursansvarig och studentrepresentanten upp till en månad på sig att skriva kommentarer. De publiceras automatiskt i sammanställningen.

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Kursplan och övrig information


  • Gravelle, Hugh, Microeconomics, 3. ed., Harlow, Prentice Hall, 2004Compulsory*

* Obligatorisk


Kursen ges som en fristående kurs: Nej Kursen ges som en programkurs: Miljöekonomi och företagsledning - masterprogram Policyanalys inom jordbruk, miljö och livsmedel (AFEPA) - masterprogram Agrar ekonomi och företagsledning - masterprogram Agronomprogrammet - ekonomi Kursavgift: Studieavgift, endast för medborgare utanför EU, EES, och Schweiz: 13090 SEK Nivå: Avancerad nivå (A1N)
Ämne: Nationalekonomi
Kurskod: NA0135 Anmälningskod: SLU-10377 Plats: Uppsala Distanskurs: Nej Undervisningsspråk: Engelska Ansvarig institution: Institutionen för Ekonomi Studietakt: 50%