Adrian Villalobos

Adrian Villalobos


Nieuwe scenario's in een veranderende wereld vereisen de ontwikkeling van nieuwe technieken en benaderingen om beter te kunnen houden en te beheersen onze bossen wereldwijd. Kunnskapen om viden gennem økologiske interaktioner og økosystemfunksjoner vil gi oss betydelige opplysninger til udvikling af sådanne nye tilgange, som er meget vigtige for samfundet. Derfor, mitt hovedmål er at bidra til at samle nye metoder for bedre skogsforvaltning og restaurering.

In southern Sweden, direct seeding of nut-producing tree species has a great potential to reduce the costs of forest restoration projects. However, previous studies identified seed predation by granivorous rodents as a major problem upon direct sowing. Therefore, the aim of my project is to find how rodents could be deterred during foraging by volatile odorant molecules from their predators and how these predator cues could be used as repellents. This project will increase our knowledge in predator and prey interaction dynamics. The identification of such volatiles will reduce the costs of restoration programs which could also be motivation for more land owners to restore broadleaved forest to its original state using close to nature silviculture.

Additionally to my current project in southern Sweden I have also carried out research in countries such as Costa Rica, Panama, Germany and the Philippines.


I participate in lecturing the Master level course: Broadleaves - ecology, conservation and silviculture. 2016


Master of Science: M.Sc. Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology - Tropical and International Forestry, 2015, Georg-August University of Göttingen, Göttingen, Germany.

Bachelor of Science: B.Sc. Tropical Biology, 2010, Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica, Heredia, Costa Rica.

Publikationer i urval

Villalobos A, Olsson G, Birkedal M, Löf M. (2018). The effects of four repellents on bank vole consumption and germination of beech nuts and acorns. New Forest.

Villalobos A, Schlyter F, Birgersson G, Olsson G, Witzell J, Löf M. (2018). Deter to protect: use of predator’s odor to deter granivorous rodents from consuming acorns. 6th International Conference of Rodent Biology and Management & 16th Rodens et Spatium, 2018, Potsdam. DOI: 10.5073/jka.2018.459.000