Alejandro Grimm

Alejandro Grimm

Publikationer i urval

1.      Mäkelä, M.; Geladi, P.; Grimm, A.; Dahl, O.; Pietiläinen, A.; Larsson, S.H. Cyclone processing of green liquor dregs (GLD) with results measured and interpreted by ICP-OES and NIR spectroscopy. Chemical Engineering Journal 2016, 304, 448-453

2.      Skoglund, N.; Grimm, A.; Öhman, M.; Boström, D. Combustion of biosolids in a bubbling fluidized bed. Part I: Main ash-forming elements and ash distribution with a focus on phosphorus. Energy Fuels 2014, 28, 1183–1190.

3.      Skoglund, N.; Grimm A.; Öhman, M.; Boström, D. Effects on ash chemistry when co-firing municipal sewage sludge and wheat straw in a fluidized bed - influence on the ash chemistry by fuel mixing. Energy Fuels 2013, 27, 5725–5732

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5.      Piotrowska, P.; Grimm, A.; Skoglund, N.; Boman, C.; Öhman, M.; Zevenhoven, M.; Boström, D.; Hupa, M. Fluidized-bed combustion of mixtures of rapeseed cake and bark: the resulting bed agglomeration characteristics. Energy Fuels 2012, 26, 2028-2037.

6.      Grimm, A.; Öhman, M.; Lindberg, T.; Fredriksson, A.; Boström, D. Bed agglomeration characteristics in fluidized bed combustion of biomass fuels using olivine as bed material. Energy Fuels 2012, 26, 4550-4559.

7.      Grimm, A.; Skoglund, N.; Boström, D.; Boman, C.; Öhman, M. Influence of phosphorus on alkali distribution during combustion of logging residues and wheat straw in a bench-scale fluidized bed. Energy Fuels 2012, 26, 3012-3023.

8.      Eriksson, G.; Grimm, A.; Skoglund, N., Boström, D.; Öhman, M. Combustion and fuel characterization of wheat distillers dried grain with solubles (DDGS) and possible combustion applications. Fuel 2012, 102, 208-220.

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13.   Suárez, J.; Beatón, P.; Zanzi, R.; Grimm, A. Autothermal fluidized bed pyrolysis of Cuban pine sawdust. Energy Sources 2006, 28, 695-704.


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