Christopher Klich

Christopher Klich


I work as a lecturer at SLU where my main field of study is Digital Tools within Landscape Planning. My background in urban planning and landscape architecture have been the key-pillars that have fostered my knowledge of various field-specific tools that I utilise in my work, such as ArcGIS, Sketchup and more. When I’m not scratching my head due to troubleshooting various 'tool-related' issues in the office I tend to teach and supervise students in the computer labs. The teaching agenda can be quite diversified depending on the course and can include anything from ‘spatial analysis with Geographic Information Systems’ to ‘3D-modelling and rendering landscapes for visualisation purposes’.


The following list include some key-tools from my repertoire:

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, ArcGIS, AutoCAD, CityEngine, MS Office, SketchUp, SPSS, QGIS, V-Ray.


Languages: English and Swedish.



I’m primarily involved in the following courses:

Advanced Digital Landscape Analysis with GIS (ML);
Digital Landscape Visualisation (ML);
Indoor Garden Design (BL);
Landscape Planning Foundations (BL);
Spatial Design in Dialogue with a Place (BL);
Studio 2 - Housing in an urban context (BL).

(ML= Master level; BL= Bachelor level)




BSc in Built Environment from Malmö University (2017)

MSc in Landscape Architecture at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (2017-)


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