Ewa Wredle

Ewa Wredle


In 2005, I defended my doctoral thesis with the title "Automatic milking and grazing – Factors and stimuli affecting cow motivation to visit the milking unit", a completely new concept during that time. Some years later, I came in contact with livestock production systems in low-income countries during, and ever since, this has been my interest, engagement and focus research area. I became associate professor in tropical livestock husbandry 2013.

Research and area of expertise

My research area is animal husbandry, including feeding, management and milking routines, for small and large ruminant. I work with integrated small scale farming system in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia as well as agro-pastoral livestock systems in Uganda and Kenya.

In one ongoing project "Feed availability and utilization for dairy cattle in agro-pastoral systems in south west Uganda" we are investigating seasonal nutritional deficiencies and evaluate supplementation strategies for improved productivity of dairy cattle grazing on extensive rangelands. The project is done in collaboration with Makerere University in Kampala.

 Capacity development

A major part of my interest and also takes a big part of my time is capacity development/building in SE Asia, Uganda and Rwanda. This includes training of students on both master and PhD level.

I was the international coordinator for a large regional project MEKARN ( including Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand (and Sweden) since autumn 2010. The local coordinator, Dr Duong Nguyen Khang is located at Nom Lang University, Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. The project was funded by the Swedish international developing agency, Sida. In this project I also supervised three PhD students.

In an ongoing Sida supported capacity building program towards Makerere University in Uganda, I am the Swedish coordinator for the agricultural sub-program "Developing sustainable agricultural production systems through ecological resources management and value addition" as well as supervisor for a PhD student.

In yet another capacity building program targeting the University of Rwanda I am the team leader for the agricultural sub-program including 5 different disciplines; animal science, plant breeding, plant protection, agroforestry and soil science and agricultural economics.


I have in collaboration with several researchers from SLU, ILRI, ICRAF as well as universities from Kenya initiated a research platform called Triple L; Land, Livestock and Livelihood Dynamics in drylands, West Pokot, Kenya (agri4D). In this initiative scientists from different disciplinary, national and organizational background come together on a common geographical area and on a common research agenda, i.e. the biophysical and socio-economic changes in West Pokot during the past three decades. This research platform is linked to one of the CGIAR´s research program CRP1.1.


Master of Science in agriculture (animal sciences), SLU, 2001

PhD in animal science SLU, 2005

Senior lecturer SLU, 2009

Associate Professor (docent) SLU, 2013

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