Ewa Wredle

Ewa Wredle


My primary research interests are in tropical livestock production including nutrition, feeding, management and milking routines for small and large ruminants. A major part of my interest, also taking a big part of my time is capacity building in SE Asia, Rwanda and Tanzania. This includes training of students on master, PhD and post doc level. My ongoing projects are at the moment rather diverse although many deals with livestock production in degraded rangelands in semi-arid areas in Kenya and Tanzania.

I have a broad international network and most of my research is conducted in low/middle-income countries in Asia and Africa.I have in a collaboration with several researchers from SLU, ILRI, ICRAF as well as universities from Kenya initiated a research platform called Triple L; Land, Livestock and Livelihood Dynamics in drylands, West Pokot, Kenya ( In this initiative scientists from different disciplinary, national and organizational background come together on a common geographical area and on a common research agenda, i.e. the biophysical and socio-economic changes in West Pokot during the past three decades.

Current position and commitments

Senior lecturer Department of Animal Nutrition and Management, SLU. 2009-

Associate professor (docent) in Animal science -Tropical livestock production systems. 2013

Scientific theme leader at SLU Global for an interdisciplinary theme "Restoration of degraded rural landscapes. 2014-ongoing. (30% of my time) 2014-

Coordinator for a regional Sida funded capacity building program, "Improving Livelihood and Food Security of the People in Lower Mekong Basin through Climate Change Mitigation", (MekarnII), 2013-

Coordinator (team leader) for the sub-program Agriculture within a bilateral Sida funded UR-Sweden Research training program at University of Rwanda, including masters training and PhD training, 2013-ongoing

Deputy head of department Animal Nutrition and Management, (20% of my time) 2014-

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Course leader and lecturer for some courses, for example Tropical Livestock Production, Global Livestock Production, Introduction to Animal Science and Animal Nutrition- health, behavior and welfare

My own education in teaching includes a 4 wk full time basic pedagogoic course at SLU and the SLU course in supervision of research students.


On-going projects:

Title   Project managers
Cow performance in small-scale dairy production in Vietnam –microbiota development and antibiotic resistance.   Ewa Wredle, Johan Dicksved, Kerstin Svennersten-Sjaunja and Bui Phan Thu Hang (PhD-student)

Goat production and the value chain in Laos


Ewa Wredle, Cecilia Kronqvist, Daovy Kongmanila and Khamparn Pathoummalangsy (PhD- student)

Range management practices for intensification of livestock production in Miombo woodlands   Ewa Wredle, Cecilia Kronqvist, Gert Nyberg, Antony Sangeda, Ismail Seleman and Peter Ruvuga (PhD student)
Escaping the pastoralist paradox in the face of climate change   Göran Bostedt, Per Knutsson, Gert Nyberg, Ewa Wredle and Stephen Mureithi
Multipurpose trees in agroforestry system on Rwandan ferralsols: tree growth, digestibility and soil fertility improvement   Sigrun Dahlin, Gert Nyberg, Ewa Wredle, Jean Nduwamungu and Marguerite Mukangango (PhD student)


Master of Science in agriculture (animal sciences), SLU, 2001

PhD in animal science SLU, 2005

Senior lecturer SLU, 2009

Associate Professor (docent) SLU, 2013


Supervising MSc-thesis work and MFS-students with focus on animal production in SE Asia and East Africa.

Publikationer i urval

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Johansson, C., Wredle, E., Mpairwe, D., Sabiiti, E. and Spörndly, E. 2015. Effects of calving month, pasture conditions and management on the growth of Holstein-Friesian × Ankole crossbred calves in a semi-arid rangeland. Tropical Animal Health and Production, Volume 47, Issue 4, pp 783-786

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