Kelley R. Bassett

Kelley Gundale



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Biträdande kursledare, Skogshistoria - människans nyttjande av skogen och vegetationens dynamik


My project aims to use a unique tree core archive collected by the Swedish National Forest Inventory (NFI) over 6 decades to assess whether long-term changes in nitrogen and water availability to Swedish forests is occurring; and further, whether wood density and C content is changing, which is needed to better estimate changes in boreal C stocks. Understanding these relationships is increasingly in demand by a wide range of stakeholders, who are interested in how forest growth and health change through time, and what consequences this has for C uptake and retention. 


M.Sc. Forestry (2001). Michigan Technological University. Houghton, Michigan, USA

B.Sc. Biology (1995). Michigan Technological University. Houghton, Michigan, USA

Publikationer i urval

Treydte, K. et al. European Dendroecological Fieldweek (EDF) 2021 in Val Mustair, Switzerland: International education and research during the pandemic. (2023). Dendrochronologia 78: 121620.



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