Kerstin Holmgren

Kerstin Holmgren
I am an associate professor (docent) in biology with specialisation in limnology, working at the Department of aquatic resources, located at the Institute of Freshwater Research in Drottningholm.


After PhD studies on sex differentiation and growth patterns of the European eel, I did my post doc in a project on “Size-based tools for managing freshwater fish communities” during 1997-2001. Since 2001, I have been responsible for standard fish sampling in lakes, and to a lesser extent in streams, within national environmental monitoring programs.   

My research interest is on how lake fish communities and populations depend on and interact with their abiotic and biotic environment. I use field monitoring data to answer basic and applied questions about fish responses to natural and anthropogenic stressors and management actions, e.g. acidification and liming. Applications include to develop, inter-calibrate, and refine, fish-based methods for assessment of ecological status according to the European Water Framework Directive.

I often work on behalf of the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management, at the national level as well as in collaboration with researchers from other European countries.



I am one among many teachers at the SLU Masters course "BI1269 Ecology for Fish Management and Conservation, 15 credits"

Publikationer i urval

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