Lo Persson

Lo Persson
I have a general interest in biology and I have specialized in aquatic ecology and migrating salmonids. Currently I’m a postdoc at the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA) in Trondheim and at SLU in Umeå.


My research profile

My research is focused on aquatic ecology and migrating salmonids. During my PhD education I worked with hatchery-reared Atlantic salmon and studied effects of different feeding regimes on the phenotype, the smolt migration, and the adult return rates. In my postdoc-project I’m looking at effects of genotype and growth on life history variation in Atlantic salmon. I have also worked with mapping possibilities for data collection for sea trout; environmental flows and effects on ecosystem services; and the process of constructing fish passage solutions in regulated rivers.  

I find the academic working environment extremely stimulating and rewarding and I hope my work will contribute to the conservation of aquatic ecosystems.


I have given lectures both at the undergraduate and master level at SLU and elsewhere. Topics that I have covered are related to fish and wildlife census techniques (including handling and tagging of fish); fish farming and aquaculture; and hydropower and fish passage.


Co-supervisor for PhD student James Losee, Apr 2021 - ongoing.

Co-supervisor for PhD student Linda Vikström, Jun 2018 - ongoing.

Supervisor for master student Emmy Nyberg, spring 2022.

Co-supervisor for master student Michelle von Ehr, spring 2022.

Publikationer i urval

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Other publications

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