Marius Tuyishime

Marius Tuyishime
I am a PhD student in the soil chemistry research group. I conduct my research on phosphorus chemistry in boreal forest soils. Specifically, to assess how soil mineral weathering and forest management influence chemical phosphorus speciation.


Bachelor of Science in applied chemistry, specialization in environmental chemistry from University of Rwanda-College of Science and Technology (former KIST), Kigali, Rwanda. 2011

Master of science in soil and water management, specialization in soil science from Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden. 2016.

Publikationer i urval

Tuyishime, M. (2022). Phosphorus chemistry in managed forest soils-Effects of weathering and wood ash fertilisation. Acta Universitatis Agriculturae Sueciae, (2022: 75).

Tuyishime, J.M., Adediran, G.A., Olsson, B.A., Zetterberg, T.S., Högbom, L., Spohn, M., Lim, H., Klysubun, W., Borca, C.N., Huthwelker, T. and Gustafsson, J.P., 2022. Phosphorus speciation in the organic layer of two Swedish forest soils 13–24 years after wood ash and nitrogen application. Forest Ecology and Management, 521, p.120432.

Tuyishime, J. M., Adediran, G. A., Olsson, B. A., Spohn, M., Hillier, S., Klysubun, W., & Gustafsson, J. P. (2022). Phosphorus abundance and speciation in acid forest Podzols–Effect of postglacial weathering. Geoderma, 406, 115500.

Braun, S., McLaren, T. I., Frossard, E., Tuyishime, J. M., Börjesson, G., & Gustafsson, J. P. (2022). Phosphorus desorption and isotope exchange kinetics in agricultural soils. Soil Use and Management, 38(1), 515-527.

Tuyishime, M., Adediran, G. A., Olsson, B., Spohn, M., Klysubun, W., Vantelon, D., & Gustafsson, J. P. (2021). Phosphorus pools in boreal forest podzols: quantitative and micro-spectroscopic analysis. Goldschmidt2021• Virtual• 4-9 July.

Adediran, G. A., Tuyishime, J. M., Vantelon, D., Klysubun, W., & Gustafsson, J. P. (2020). Phosphorus in 2D: spatially resolved P speciation in two Swedish forest soils as influenced by apatite weathering and podzolization. Geoderma, 376, 114550.

Gustafsson, J. P., Braun, S., Tuyishime, J. R., Adediran, G. A., Warrinnier, R., & Hesterberg, D. (2020). A probabilistic approach to phosphorus speciation of soils using P K-edge XANES spectroscopy with linear combination fitting. Soil Systems, 4(2), 26.

Tuyishime, J. R. M. (2016). phosphorus Sequential extraction using iron (hydr) oxide-impregnated filter paper strips. Independent project-Master thesis


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