Dr. Per-Anders Langendahl

Per-Anders Langendahl
Senior Lecturer in Innovation and the bioeconomy at the Department of economics.


Course director responsible for master and bachelor level courses in Marketing and Innovation management for Sustainability


Dr Langendahl’s research interests are in the management of Innovation. Much of his work is founded upon the view that innovation is a complex socio-technical process. His working assumption is that while in many instances there is not a capacity to control innovation there is nonetheless a capacity to act and shape it to achieve desirable outcomes such as sustainability and competitive advantage. He has explored the management of innovation for sustainability in multiple contexts including firms, sectors and geographical locations such as innovation parks.


Dr Langendahl’s research is thoroughly inter disciplinary and as such he draws on literatures from multiple related fields, such as innovation studies, transition studies, science and technology studies and human geography to gain in depth, useful and compelling insights on innovation. He has experience of using a wide range of qualitative social science methods, including longitudinal case study, work place ethnography, policy analysis, semi structured interviews.


Dr Langendahl has a proven track record of contributing to academic knowledge as evidenced by his strong publication record. He has also worked closely with industrial collaborators and generated contextually relevant insights for a number firms including The William Jackson Food Group, Western Power Distribution, CGI. Current lines of enquiry pursed by Dr Langandahl include:
• Transitions in the electricity sector, most notable the development of smart grids
• Firm focused initiatives to attain a more Circular Bio-Economy
• Food industry innovation Parks – innovation and clustering


Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Sustainability (EIS) Research Group, Department of Economics, Swedish University of Agricultural Science

Visiting Research Fellow, Future Urban Environments, Department of Engineering and Innovation, the Open University 



  • PhD in Innovation Management and Sustainability, Open University, UK
  • MSc in Environmental Mangement for Business, Cranfield University, UK
  • Business Administration, SLU, Sweden  


Marketing Management, Innovation and Sustainability

Publikationer i urval

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Conference contributions – refereed

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Official reports


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Stakeholder Engagement in Project FALC


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