Pruthvi Balachandra Kalyandurg

Collaborative, result-driven and accomplished researcher with over five years of experience managing several projects within the fields of cell and molecular biology, virology, plant pathology and developmental biology. Confident team player and effective communicator with proven track of scientific publications and talks in conferences and other universities. My goal is to use my technical knowledge in a research-oriented job. I want to work closely with people where I can contribute, as well as learn, and explore unexplored domains of plant sciences.


I'm currently working as a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Plant Breeding located in the beautiful Alnarp campus.

I completed my PhD in 2019 from the Department of Plant Biology, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala. I received my Master of Science in Biology from Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden and my Bachelors of Technology degree in Biotechnology from Kalasalingam University, India.


Teaching assistant for the following courses at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala during my PhD time.

1.    Plant growth and development, BI1293 – 2018
2.    Immunology and genetics, BI1280 – 2017 and 2018
3.    Pests in agriculture, BI1325 – 2017 and 2018
4.    Plant-microbe interactions, BI1002 – 2016 and 2017
5.    Virology, BI1037 – 2016
6.    Immunology, BI1099 – 2016
7.    Genetics I, BI1098 - 2016


1. Virus cell-to-cell movement

2. Virus-induced drought tolerance in plants

3. Exploring novel and sustainable methods to control plant diseases caused by fungal and oomycete pathogens.

4. Characterization of effector proteins from Phytophthora species

Publikationer i urval

1. Ramesh R. Vetukuri, Pruthvi B. Kalyandurg, Diya Sen,  Jose Fernando Gil, Nina I. Lukhovitskaya, Laura J. Grenville-Briggs, Eugene I. Savenkov. Effect of RNA silencing suppression activity of Chrysanthemum Virus B P12 protein on small RNA species. - Submitted.

2. Pruthvi B. Kalyandurg 2019. Potato mop-top virus : Variability, Movement, and Suppression of Host Defence, Acta Universitatis Agriculturae Sueciae (1652-6880): Doctoral thesis. ISBN: 978-91-7760-437-2.

3. Pruthvi B. Kalyandurg,† Aminallah Tahmasebi,† Ramesh R. Vetukuri, Sandeep K. Kushwaha,   Alexander A. Lezzhov,  Andrey G. Solovyev, Laura J. Grenville-Briggs, Eugene I. Savenkov. 2019. Efficient RNA silencing suppression activity of Potato Mop-Top Virus 8K protein is driven by variability and positive selection. Virology, 535:111-121.

4. Cowan, Graham H., Alison G Roberts, Susan Jones, Pankaj Kumar,  Pruthvi B Kalyandurg, Jose F Gil, Eugene I. Savenkov, Piers A Hemsley, and Lesley Torrance. 2018. Potato Mop-Top Virus Co-Opts the Stress Sensor HIPP26 for Long-Distance Movement. Plant Physiology 176 (3): 2052–2070.

5. Pruthvi B. Kalyandurg, Jose Fernando Gil, Nina I. Lukhovitskaya, Betty Flores, Giovanna Müller, Carlos Chuquillanqui, Ladislao Palomino, Aderito Monjane, Ian Barker, Jan Kreuze, Eugene I. Savenkov, 2017. Molecular and Pathobiological Characterization of Sixty One Potato mop-top virus full-length cDNAs Reveals Great Variability of the Virus in the Center of Origin of Potato, Novel Genotypes and Evidence for Recombination. Molecular  Plant Pathology  18 (6): 864-877.