Rolf Spörndly

Rolf Spörndly


Research Interests

Feed evaluation and feed preservation, especially ensiling

Ruminant feeding, especially dairy cow nutrition

Research Goal

Developing methods to control the nutrient losses at ensiling

Increase the utilization of forages to ruminants

Increase feed efficiency and enhance the economic net Milk income minus Feed cost


Research Skills

Performing ensiling experiments in laboratory and full scale

Performing feeding experiment with dairy cows


Activity in the scientific society

Former editor of Sw. J. of Agric. Sci.

Organizing Nordic Feed Science Conference

Activity with stakeholders outside the scientific society

Organizing Feed Science Network, a section within Livestock Extension and Research Network (LEARN). Chairman of the consultative group for ruminant fodder, consisting of the leading feed manufactories in Sweden. Chairman of the committee of livestock at the faculty of veterinary medicine and animal science (Kommittén lantbrukets djur)



Pedagogic experience

Consult within the extension service
In charge of and lecturer at the basic course in Feed Science
Production of internet sites 


Yield and Quality of Maize around Frost
Rolf Spörndly
Physical structure of grass in silage to Dairy cows
Rolf Spörndly, Torsten Eriksson
Losses in ensiling systems
Rolf Spörndly
Moulds and mycotoxins in wrapped forages for horses
Cecilia Müller/Rolf Spörnly, Astrid Johansen, Bioforsk, Norge
PhD-student: JessicaSchenk
Effect of heat treated field beans and peas to ruminants
Rolf Spörndly 



Extern resurs vid Institutionen för tillämpad husdjursvetenskap och välfärd (fd HUV); Fodervetenskap
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