Eveline Krab

Eva Krab
I am a soil ecologist who is not only interested in the effects of a changing environment on ecosystem processes, but also very much in the mechanisms behind it. To get a better understanding of how environmental changes affect soil organisms and their activities, I focus on soil fauna, which are key players in many soil processes but are often overlooked by scientists.


My main interests are to understand how environmental changes may induce changes in soil organism communities and assess the consequences of community changes for soil processes. More specifically, I am interested to what extent environmental changes affect interactions between soil fauna, microorganisms and plants, and if changed interactions may lead to changes in carbon and nitrogen cycling. Most of my current projects are situated in Arctic ecosystems, but I am definitely interested in expanding my research into a boreal and agricultural setting..

I try to answer my research questions using different approaches at different scales, e.g. in the laboratory, using mesocosms and small scale field experiments, and by larger-scale field sampling campaigns. Recent work includes studying the effects of thawing permafrost and changes in frost-induced soil mixing on carbon and nitrogen dynamics and how alterations in (winter)climate and shrub expansion may affect soil invertebrates and their contribution to ecosystem processes in arctic tundra.


I will be course coordinator for the new master-course: 'Soil Biology and Biogeochemistry (15 ECTS)' starting in January 2019 at SLU Uppsala


I am a part of the Soil Biology group at the Department of Soil and Environment lead by Prof. Björn Lindahl.

In my current projects I collaborate with researchers at Umeå University, VU University Amsterdam, University of Tromsö, University of Greifswald and EPFL (Lausanne).

I am an affiliated researcher with the Climate Impacts Research Centre (CIRC) in Abisko, Sweden (Umeå University)

Publikationer i urval

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M Väisänen, EJ Krab, E Dorrepaal (2017) Carbon dynamics at frost-patterned tundra driven by long-term vegetation change rather than by short-term non-growing season warming. Biogeochemistry, 1-15

EJ Krab, JHC Cornelissen, MP Berg (2015) A simple experimental set‐up to disentangle the effects of altered temperature and moisture regimes on soil organisms
Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 6 (10), 1159-1168

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EJ Krab, H Oorsprong, MP Berg, JHC Cornelissen (2010) Turning northern peatlands upside down: disentangling microclimate and substrate quality effects on vertical distribution of Collembola. Functional Ecology, 24 (6), 1362-1369

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