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Since September 2017, I'm Associate Senior Lecturer at Department of Aquatic Resources, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Lysekil, Sweden. I graduated from Stockholm Resilience Centre (Stockholm University) in December 2015. My PhD thesis was entitled: "SEA CHANGE - Social-ecological co-evolution in Baltic Sea fisheries". 

My research interests are: 

- Dynamics of linked social-ecological systems (such as fisheries). 

- The role of management in shaping fisheries (and other resource use systems)

- Interactions between fish-eating seabirds (particularly common guillemot), fish stocks and fisheries. 

- Novel hydro-acoustical tools (eg. broadband hydroacoustics) for fish data collection 



Thesis projects 

I have currently one proposal for a thesis project on monitoring seabirds with cameras, read more here: here. I'm also open for other suggestions, just drop me an email! 


Supervision - Finished

Emma Björkvik, co-supervisor, M.Sc., Stockholm University, 2013

Maja Berggren, co-supervisor, M.Sc., Stockholm University, 2013

Katharina Fryers-Hellqvist, main supervisor, B.Sc., Stockholm University, 2014

Jessica Spijkers, co-supervisor, M.Sc., Stockholm University, 2015

Per-Arvid Berglund, co-supervisor, M.Sc., Stockholm University, 2016


Supervision – Ongoing

Emma Björvik, co-supervisor, Ph.D. Stockholm University

Blanca Sarzo, co-supervisor, Ph.D. University of Valencia

Emelie Delphin, main supervisor, M.Sc. Stockholm University

Elida Lundgren, main supervisor, B.Sc. Uppsala University

Elin Rydevik, main supervisor, B. Sc., Umeå University

Publikationer i urval

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