Mukesh Dubey

Mukesh Dubey
Associate Professor (Docent) in Plant Pathology at Department of Forest Mycology and Plant Pathology, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Uppsala, Sweden


We are interested in fungus-fungus and fungus-plant interactions for sustainable plant production. We exploit biological properties of mycoparasitic fungal species such as those belong to the genus Trichoderma and Clonostachys for sustainable plant disease control and plant health promotion. We use state-of-art technique to understand underlying mechanisms of parasitic fungus-fungus and beneficial fungus-plant interactions in relation to biological control of fungal plant diseases.

Our work is currently focussed on the following projects:

-Mycotoxins and food safety and security in Rwanda: Understanding the biology and epidemiology of maize ear rots for sustainable maize production.

-RNAi based technologies to control plant diseases.

-Small-RNAS in mycoparasitic interactions.

-Fungus-fungus interactions in relation to biolocical control of plant diseases.

-Harnessing soil–microbe-plant interactions for sustainable wheat production.

-Fungal secretome, secondary metabolome and mycotoxin.



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