Torbjörn Säterberg

Torbjörn Säterberg
Postdoctoral researcher


I am a postdoctoral researcher developing novel time series modelling tools for ecological questions. At the moment my research encapsulates two main areas: sustainable exploition of communities of interacting fish species; and climate change effects on the population dynamics of interacting species. Currently (180404-191001)  I´m visiting the McCann lab, at the University of Guelph, Kanada.  


I have a background in theoretical ecology. During my PhD I studied food web responses to press perturbations, using mathematical models. 

Publikationer i urval

Sellman S, Säterberg T, Ebenman B (2016) Patterns of functional extinctions in ecological networks with a variety of interaction types. Theoretical Ecology 9:83-94.

Säterberg T, Sellman S, Ebenman B (2013) High frequency of functional extinctions in ecological networks. NATURE 499:468-470.

Kaneryd L, Borrwall C, Berg S, Curtsdotter A, Eklöf A, Hauzy C, Jonsson T, Münger P, Setzer M, Säterberg T, Ebenman B (2012) Species-rich ecosystems are vulnerable to cascading extinctions in an increasingly variable world.  Ecology and Evolution 2:858-874.


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