Urban Nilsson

Urban Nilsson
Professor in Silviculture


My current research interests are about how to manage Swedish forests for specific goals. Apart from management for maximized economic return, which I have been involved in during my entire research career, I am interested in forest management for increased biodiversity, increased recreational values and mitigation and adaptation to climate change. Examples of research areas are management of mixed species forests, combination of forest- and food production for moose and deer, continuous cover forestry, fast growing broadleaves and Scots pine in southern Sweden.
I am currently the leader of the centre of excellence for fast growing deciduous trees – Trees For Me. The overarching goal of Trees For Me is to ensure sustainable biomass production from fast-growing broadleaves with security and flexibility of supply and quality, while reducing target conflicts, and to ensure efficient and sustainable biorefinery value chains for wood-based feedstocks and fuel assortments. Trees For Me involve researchers from four Universities and one research institute. In the centre, 13 PhD-students are active, and the centre also include participation from 45 companies and other organisations in the Swedish forest sector.

Publikationer i urval

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