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Global Perspectives on Adaptive Wildlife Management

In 2019, this exciting course received an award for best PhD course at SLU’s faculty of forest science. The course was originally planned to be held in January 2021, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic we have had to postpone the course by one year. Because of this, we are opening up the course for another round of applications from SLU students. We will closely follow the progress of the pandemic in both Sweden and South Africa to make sure we only travel to South Africa when this can be done in a safe and responsible way. Application deadline is 15 July 2021.

Lejon, älg och noshörning.


Chandra Krishnamurthy (Forest economics, chandra.kiran@slu.se), and

Tim Hofmeester (Fish, wildlife and environmental sciences, tim.hofmeester@slu.se)

Publicerad: 14 december 2022 - Sidansvarig: susanna.bergstrom@slu.se