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Examensarbeten vid institutionen för Sydsvensk Skogsvetenskap 2000-2013.



Christian, David.
Commercial thinning and its potential for contribution to the timber supply in British Columbia’s Interior forests : a look at Finnish and Swedish forest practices and their applicability in BritishColumbia’s Interior forests

David Johansson.
Skattning av grundyta före gallring med hjälp av stickvägsuttag.

Ahlberg, André.
The influence of thinning intensity on stands of European ash (Fraxinus excelsior L.) affected by ash dieback – how should they be managed? : a case study based on observations in young stands of ash in Denmark.

Oscar Nilsson.
Growth and modulus of elasticity of selected pine species and hybrids three years after planting in South Africa.

Rudhe, Jacob.
Where has the fertilizer gone? Closing the nutrient budget for a eucalyptus fertilization experiment in southern China.



Brand, Mark.
Effects of tree planting rectangularity on wood quality and growth of Lodgepole pine (Pinus contorta) in Sweden.

Mickevicius, Karolis.
Economy and policy of pre–commercial thinnings in Lithuanian private forestry.

Guillén, Luis Andrés.
Trust within small-scale forest management - a local case study in Southern Sweden.

Mackowiak, Tomasz.
A comparison between wood quality and growth in planted and naturally regenerated Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) stands in Sweden and in Poland.

Giurca, Alexandru.
Market based and regulatory/enforcement mechanisms- assessment of impacts on timber trade between South-east Asia and Europe.

Nagasaka, Kenji.
Comparative economic value estimation of matsutake mushroom and timber production in Swedish Scots pine forest.

Rashid, Muhammad Adil.
Simulating the effect of thinning treatments on soil carbon stocks in Norway spruce in southern Sweden.

Sandell Festin, Emma.
Omvandling av granskog till ädellöv i södra Sverige – fallstudier från Söderåsens nationalpark och Raslångens ekopark.

Deneau, Keri.
The effects of black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia L.) on understory vegetation and soils in a northern hardwood forest.

Pettersson, Martin.
Stump treatment with the root rot antagonist phlebiopsis gigantea : - sensitivity of P. gigantea spores to high pressure stress; - reduced water consumption for stump treatment. 

Dudelis, Janis.
Development of stratified spruce-birch stands in Latvia.

Mccallum Jordan, Blake.
Consumption of the organic layer in southern Sweden during fire events and correlations with the Canadian Forest Fire Weather Index (FWI) risk ratings.

Torben Hansen
Promotion of forest owner cooperatives in Lithuania : policy strategies to facilitate sustainable forest management.

Bastian Hess
Simulation of rattan harvests in Indonesia : different harvesting pressures and the resulting patterns

Mikael Pålsson
Behovsgrad av förröjning i förstagallring av konfliktbestånd, avverkad med flerträdshantering.

Antonija Laginja
The future of Swedish forests : an analysis of two contrasting policy scenarios



Jolanta Agnieszka Len
The growth response of planted red pine (Pinus Resinosa) to alternative thinning regimes

Tönis Tönisson
Understanding the NIPF landowners’ attitudes and knowledge about forest management in Michigan

Gizachew GetahunTarekegn
Evaluation of process based model 3-PG for simulation of net primary production of Picea abies in northern and southern regions of Sweden under climate change

Christer Leijonhufvud
En studie av produktionen i praktiska poppelplanteringar i södra Sverige

Nathaniel Naumann
An economic assessment of stand-level treatments for southern pine beetle prevention

Annika Altmäe
The effect of retention trees on the growth of norway spruce

Jing Zhang
A study of root distribution and the effect of Heterobasidion spp. root infection on the growth of live Scots pines (Pinus sylvestris) in Southern Sweden

Jenny Sjöstedt
A literature study and survey of sycamore maple (Acer pseudoplatanus L.) in southern Sweden

Andrés Normey
Native forest conservation within the framework of forest promotion policy in Uruguay

Trine Marie Dippel
Heritage oaks in a changing landscape

Marta Agostinelli
Variation in fungal endophyte communities of pedunculate oak (Quercus robus L.)

Yulia Bukina
Long-term succession and loss of foundation species in a temperate broadleaved forest in southern Sweden.

Rasmus Lindgren
Krav och önskemål på skogsbruksplanen

Georg Franke
Beståndsutveckling i stormskadade granbestånd

Bo Zhang
Productivity of Norway spruce (Picea abies) and Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) in coastal areas of northern Sweden.

Max Svanstedt
Privata skogsägare : vad värderar de högst i skogsbruket?

Torbjörn Ingemarsson
Naturvärdesbedömning och klassificering enligt blå målklasser av vattendrag : en utvärdering av metod och lämplighet för skogsbruksplaner.

Emelie Edlund
Effekten av markbehandling på omfattning av snytbaggeskador

Robin Nilsson
Etablering av underbestånd i planterade ekskogar

Dmitry Loginov
Oak in mixtures and monocultures : results from the Snogeholm study area in southern Sweden



Rafal Chudy
European union wood biomass demand for energy purposes and its influence on U.S. southeastern forest market and carbon storage

Mattias Andolfsson
Produktivitetsanalys av skördare med ackumulerande klippaggregat i unga lövbestånd - med inriktning mot ekonomiskt resultat

Kesi Stoneking
Within-tree fluctuating asymmetry of mountain birch in subarctic Sweden

Elisabeth Kindler
Deciduous trees in southern Sweden: Relevance, occurance and future perspectives.

Rakel J.Jónsdóttir
Effects of nutrient loading in Lutz spruce seedlings (Picea x lutzii Littl.) during nursery rotation and on subsequent growth in field.

Mårten Svensson
Tätortsnära skogsrekreation : fallet Mösseberg i Falköpings kommun.

Claudio Petucco
Recreational preferences in relation to stand treatment practice in young pedunculate oak : an empirically-based international comparison.

Marina Golivets
Aesthetic Values of Forest Lanscape

Margus Paesalu
Tracing the source of groundwater for three different coastal peatlands along Lake Superior

K.C Arbin
Assessment of external wood quality in planted Silver birch stands of different genetic origin in Tönnersjöheden Experimental Forest

Per Timander
Fertilization in Eucalyptus urophylla plantations in Guangxi, southern China

Erik Kristensen
Överlevnad, tillväxt och skador i planteringar av sitkagran (Picea sitchensis) efter stormen Gudrun

Arvo Aljaste.
Warming alters photosynthetic rates of sub-boreal peatland vegetation.

Lina Behrens.
Past and present Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) regenaration along site type gradients in Bialowieza Forest, Poland.

Susanne Svensson.
Pinus contorta susceptibility to Heterobasidion spp. : a study of stumps, roots and artificial spore infections of stumps.

Erik Ek.
Efficacy of Phlebiopsis gigantea treatment on spore infections of Heterobasidion spp. on Larix X eurolepis.

Rebecka Mc Carthy.
Precommercial thinning stumps´susceptibility to Heterobasidion spp : a comparison between high and low Norway spruce and birch stumps : a measuring of the efficacy of Phlebiopsis gigantea stump treatment.

Valdimar Reynisson.
Comparison of yield of Norway spruce (Picea abies) and Sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis) in Skorradalur, West Iceland.

Per-Ola Engerup.
Föryngring med poppel och hybridasp på skogs- och åkermark.

Ivan Lakyda.
Carbon-sequestering and oxygen producing functions of urban forests of Kyiv city and pre-urban forests of Stockholm city.

Tatiana Khakimulina.
250 years of disturbance dynamics in a pristine old-growth Picea abies forest in Arkhangelsk region, north-western Russia : a dendrochronological reconstruction.



Mariya Krestyanska.
Forest succession on Nørholm heathland in relation to wildlife grazing.

Arnis Jurevics.
A comparison of harvesting residue yield and recovery rates for energy policy developement.

Lajos Mayr
Restoration of oak forests : soil charecteristics and light availability and their relation to early plant colonization patterns.

Yuriy Myklush.
Comparison and reliability of yield tables of beech stands of western Ukraine and southern Sweden.

Narayanan Subramanian.
Simulation of Net Primary Production (NPP) of Picea abies in southern Sweden : an analysis based on three forest growth models.

Nataliya Pavlyuk.
Vegetation gradients due to management and light intensity in beech stands of the Lviv region (Ukraine).

Giulia Attocchi.
Set aside areas in certified private forest estates in Southern Sweden : are the best stands chosen?

Mikk Link.
The influence of Natura 2000 on Estonian forestry.

Inna Pryimachuk.
Long term forest management planning in Ukraine : a case study.

Mattias Sundberg.
Är bor nödvändigt vid skogsgödsling i Sverige?

Olof Stenström & Victor Nordel.
Trähägn en tänkbar metod för viltskydd i Svenskt skogsbruk?.

Mariama Mattila.
The importance of undergrowth vegetation and browsing pattern on oak seedlings.

Emma Johnsson.
Rotutveckling och tillväxt i fält hos granplantor odlade i kopparbehandlade odlingssystem.

Emma Zeigler.
A comparison in attitudes and activity among different groups of private forest owners in Noarootsi municipality, Estonia.

Mauricio Fuentes.
Mortality dynamics in an old-growth stand of beech (Fagus sylvatica) in Southern Sweden.

Kristofer von Hausswolff Juhlin.
Odlingserfarenheter av kustgran (Abies grandis) i Sverige.

Kersti Lassing.
Södra Sveriges granar - biomassa och dess allokering.

Daniil Akaykin.
Analysis of thinning programs application in the Leningrad region.

Merle Hämäläinen.
Lodgepole pine - stability after thinning.



Gustafsson, Gustaf
Forestry and climate change mitigation. vol. 135

Sjölin, Olle.
Analys av individinriktad ekskogsskötsel i Blekinge. vol. 133

Bis, Aleksandra.
Economic analysis of coniferous silviculture in Poland. vol. 129.

Polupan, Pavlo.
Influence of the legal regulation concerning reforestation on the reforestation success. vol. 128.

Mateusz Liziniewicz.
The development of beech in monoculture and mixtures.

Ülo Roop.
Restoration of broadleaved forest vegetation : early plant colonization in plantations on former fields.

Lukasz Ulbrych.
The non-governmental organizations influence on forest sector in Poland and in Sweden.

Renats Trubins.
Introduction of GIS into IKEA's wood sourcing system : aspects of forest resource data availability and system functionality.

Nikolay Puteshov.
Possibilities for using indicator percent for prioritization of stands for clearcutting in the Russian federation.

Cathy Brown.
Insights for improving trust management in participatory natural resources management processes : a case study on stakeholder trust perceptions in the Bridger-Teton National Forest collaborative process

Piotr Lysiak.
Opportunity costs of forest set-asides in Poland : a case study of Sulechow Forest District .

Hubert Jurczyszyn.
Effects of fertilization and mulch treatment on growth and establishment of three seedling types of Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.)Karst.) .

Olga Golovina.
The economic impact of forest management certification in Russia : costs and benefits on the corporate level in the north-west region.

Ekaterina Pishchuk.
Impacts of international studies on careers of Russian forestry graduates.

Henrik Pålsson.
Stubbehandling med pergamentsvamp och urea mot sporinfektioner av rotticka i bestånd av hybridlärk.



Witkowska, Izabela.
Spruce quality in mixed stands.

Björnehall, Joakim.
Rötskador i helikoptertoppade granar invid kraftledningsgator i södra Sverige.

Bobik, Michal.
Damages to residual stand in commercial thinnings.

Chapinski, Patryk.
Comparison of mire characteristic for the south-eastern Sweden and the north-western Poland.

Dahl, Fredrik (2008).
Potential för energiklippdrivare i Skåne.

Fransson, Annelie (2008).
Vindskador vid stickväg i 1:a och 2:a gallring i Boxholm, Östergötland

Holst, Christian.
Jätteträd – inventering, bevaring, skötsel samt rekrytering.

Johansson, Tobias.
Trädslagsjämförelser på Omberg.

Hultberg, Tove.
Forest continuity and human impact.

Jonsson, Viktor.
Skogsbrukets erfarenheter av Poppel Populus sp. i Skåne.

Lepeshkin, Evgeny
Estimation of recreational potential of urban forests

Nguyen Nghia, Lan
Comparative analysis of sustainability policies regarding forestry in selected multinational home improvement and wood furniture companies.

Genfors, Peter
Fertilization and agroforestry in Eucalyptplantations in Guanxi southern China.

Petereit, Annekatrin
Sustainability reporting of the forest and paper sector.

Steffen, Helena
Älgens barkgnag på granstammar.

Trishkin, Maxim
The importance of and potential for stump treatment in Russian Karelia.

Romaniuk, Bozena
Costs and benefits of forest management certifikation for Polish State Forests under Forest Stewardship Council scheme.

Jasinevicius, Gediminas
Economic analysis of normative versus practical manegement of coniferous stands in Lithuania.

Sydow, Nils von
Alnarps rehabiliteringsskog.

Thuresson, Erik
Ekonomiska konsekvenser för skogsbruket vid avsättning av mark för viltvårds- och jaktändamål.

Taubert, Jasmin
Temperature requirement for germination of conidiospores and growth of mycelia of Heterobasidion annosum s.s. and Heterobasidion parviporum


Ahlander, Susanne
Are trees on islands more exposed to lightning-strokes than trees at mainland?

Andersson, Patrik
Production in a fertilization experiment with Eucalyptus urophylla in Guangxi, southern China.

Andersson, Jonas
Överlevnad och tillväxt för nyplantersade barrots- och täckrotsplantor.

Carlsson, Torbjörn
Risken för spridning av röta vid förröjning i granskog i södra Sverige.

Höglund, Kerstin
Föryngring i stormfälld rekreationsskog.

Zetterberg, Jonas
Stormskador i lärk och gran.

Zethraeus, Fredrik
Inventering av röjningsobjekt från helikopter.

Jansson, Lisa
Anpassad skötsel - exempel på hyggesfritt skogsbruk i Mellannorrland

Johansson, Johan
Föryngringsplan för en svårt stormskadad fastighet i Kronobergs län.

Linkevicius, Edgaras
Policy drivers behind the forest utilisation in Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.

Persson, Magnus
Skötsel av ekholmar och eftersatta ekbestånd på låga boniteter.

Protchenko, Alexander
Comparative analysis of strategic forest management planning of North-Western Russia and Sweden.


Blomgren, Samuel
Stormskador i stickvägsgallrade bestånd i sydvästra Sverige.

Blomquist, Anders
Uppföljning av plantering på nedlagd åkermark i Skåne 1991-1996.

Churski, Marcin
Age structure and diameter distribution in a southern Swedish beech dominated landscape.

Ezebilo, Eugene Ejike
Willingness to pay for biological diversity conservation in Simbu Province, Papua New Guinea.

Holmström, Emma
Bokhögstubbar i Klåveröds strövområde. vol. 81.

Roswall, Joakim
Datering av röta i hålekar.

Samuelsson, Fredrik
The potential for quality production in birch stands in north-eastern China using different precommercial thinning strategies.

Skov, Mads Chrisrian Roiy
Risk communication in forestry consulting.

Skreta, Magdalena
Applying Swedish programmes projecting forest development to Polish forestry conditions

Standio, Bartosz
Analysis of kNN dataset according to its use in wind throw risk simulation.

Thorn-Andersen, Ylva
Naturvårdsrestriktioners effekter på brukandet av ädellövskogen i Skåne.

Turesson, Elias
Viltets inverkan på vegetationsutvecklingen i en Sydsvensk skogsföryngring.

Wåhlin, Per
Vindfällning i naturliga och skapade bryn och kanter.


Ek, Jonas
Certifiering och Gröna skogsbruksplaner idag och i framtiden.

Fröberg, Carl Peter
Röjningsbenägenheten bland privata skogsägare.

Haraldsson, Martin
Skötselmetoder för bestånd med produktions- och naturvårdsmål.

Jansson, Mats
Modell för ett integrerat skärgårdsskogsbruk.

Bush, Terrence
Biodiversity and sectoral responsibility in Swedish forestry policy 1988-1993.

Seedre, Meelis
Saproxylic beetles in artificially created high stumps of spruce and birch three years after cutting.

Sidorov, Evgeny
Efficacy of different concentrations of Rotstop® and RotstopS and imperfect cover of RotstopS against Heterobasidion spp. infections on Norway spruce stumps.

Tengberg, Fredrik
En jämförelse av sitkagranens (Picea sitchensis) och den vanliga granens (P. abies) produktion.

Winqvist, Annika
Granföryngring på tallmark, hur ofta förekommer det?


Hedwall, Per-Ola
Attitudes towards protection of biodiversity in forests.

Hiler, Grzegorz
Comparative analysis of wood market between the Baltic countries, Sweden, Poland, Germany, Finland and Denmark.

Backman, Hanna
Mortalitet och skottskjutningsförmåga hos ek (Quercus robur) efter brand.

Birkedahl, Maria
Immediate Response to Artificial Burning and Cutting in Young Trees of Beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) and Oak (Quercus robur L.).

Ezebilo, Eugene Ejike
Threats to sustainable forestry development in Oyo State, Nigeria.

Magnusson, Per Olof
Utveckling av gran, Douglasgran, bok och tall under skärm av hybridlärk.

Olsson, Staffan
Behandling av konfliktbestånd - problem och möjligheter.

Petersson, Mikaela
Skiljer sig riskuppfattning och riskhantering mellan kvinnliga och manliga privata skogsägare?

Petrylaitė, Eglė
Presence of Heterobasidion annosum and the need for stump treatment in monocultures of Scots pine in southern Sweden.


Johansson, Desiree and Hasselberg, Åsa
Rekreationsanpassad skötselplan för Skedalaskogen.

Larsson, Karl
Körskador i gallring

Orsander, Magnus
Skogsskötsel för att minimera stormfällning över järnväg.

Rosenqvist, Johan
Hägn i skogsbruket.

Severinsson, Thomas
Höggallring i praktiskt skogsbruk. Vol. 42.

Hansson, Martin.
Timmersorteringens inverkan på sågverksekonomin. Vol. 45.

Carlsson, Henrik.
Granproduktion på tallmarker! Vol. 43.



Hansson, Olof
Fortsatt gran eller självföryngrad björk efter stormfällning? Vol. 38
Gabrielsson, Maria.
Kontakt- och informationssätt. Vol. 47

Andersson, Malin.
Naturhänsyn på certifierade privata skogsfastigheter. Vol. 35.

Alstad, Vibeke.
Södras gröna skogsbruksplaner ur ett landskapsperspektiv. Vol. 36.

Norman, Johan och Oscarsson, Andreas.
Terminal chipping of beech pulpwood. Vol. 34

Jacobsson, Desirée.
Mortalitet av bok i Biskopstorp och Frodeparken naturreservat,
Halland. Vol. 32




Gustafsson, Linda.
En skogshistorisk jämförelse mellan två närbelägna landskap
med olika mångfald i östra Småland. Vol. 15.