Sharing our natural and cultural heritage - interpretation can make us citizens of the world

Senast ändrad: 19 juni 2013

The international conference on heritage interpretation in Sigtuna, Sweden, 15-18 June 2013, attracted 165 participants from 40 countries. The theme was "Sharing our natural and cultural heritage: interpretation can make us citizens of the world". The conference was jointly arranged by Interpret Europe, National Association of Interpretation (USA) and the Swedish Centre for Nature Interpretation.

Sigtuna conference logo

To the right (below the picture) you find recordings of ten of the lectures. The lectures are also available on Youtube!

The theme of this international conference was Sharing our natural and cultural heritage: interpretation can make us citizens of the world. In the closing keynote presentation, interpretive planner James Carter from the UK put it this way: "The conference aims to look at how interpretation can develop a 'shared sense of belonging'. It sets´out a vision of interpretation as a vehicle for mutual understanding and for overcoming limited horizons and stereotypes."

Around 60 presentations and workshops were held during the conference, and there were study visits to Skansen, Tyresta National Park, the Vasa Museum, Sigtuna historic city and museum, Uppsala and Skokloster Castle. These study visits also included workshops reflecting on the interpretation on-site and providing our hosts with a good range of thoughts for feedback and inspiration. During post conference exkursions some of the participants visited Ängsö national park, Järvsö Carnivore Centre and Birka in Lake Mälaren. 

Proceedings from this and other Interpret Europe conferences can be read here.


Thank you all who participated and helped with the conference, and special thanks to our fellow arrangers from Interpret Europe and NAI. We are also deeply grateful for the very good cooperation with Sigtuna folkhögskola, the perfect venue for a conference like this one.

The day before the conference, a Nordic seminar on nature interpretation was held in Uppsala, with lectures and workshops featuring some of the international experts from the Sigtuna conference, and including discussion on future Nordic-Baltic cooperation in the field of interpretation.

Interpret Europe conference 2013 participants outside Skansen 
Participants (almost all) in the Sigtuna conference, gathered outside Skansen in Stockholm June 16 2013