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SLU Developmental Biology Platform

In vitro embryo production in the zebrafish, xenopus frog, cow, pig, cat and lymnaea snail


A platform for collaboration

We do in vitro embryo production in cow, pig, cat, zebrafish, Xenopus frog and mollusc. For the aquatic species, we can also follow the developing embryos to adult individuals in vivo. Our aim is to harmonize and connect in vitro to in vivo tests and to produce comparative information between the species and as models for humans. The increased cross-species knowledge is fundamental for development of 3R-aspects (Refine, Reduce and Replace research animals).

We can perform projects from start to finish or parts of projects, teach methodologies and screen substances with suspected impact on embryo development as well as determine the working mechanisms. All projects are welcome but SLU projects are prioritized. Courses, workshops and other activities are open to all.

Please click on the units below to find contact information for the different species.