Mammalian unit

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Methods available:

Bovine in vitro embryo production (from slaughterhouse material)

Porcine in vitro embryo production (from slaughterhouse material)

Feline in vitro embryo production (from discarded ovaries/testes after standard spaying in local veterinary clinics)

In vitro embryo production of ovines and other species can in some instances be set up

For all species development is followed:

  • Cumulus expansion after maturation

  • Cleavage after fertilization

  • Embryo development to blastocyst stage (blastocyst quality grading and blastocyst developmental stage)

Further work with blastocysts or earlier developmental stages:

  • Individual snap freezing in LN2 and storage in -80℃ for e.g. RNA-analysis (see below).

  • Individual fluorescent staining for confocal or fluorescence microscopy. Protocols currently available:

    • Neutral lipids (LipidTox or Nile Red)

    • Active mitochondria (Mitotrackers)

    • F-Actin (Alexafluor Phalloidin)

    • Nuclei (DAPI, Hoechst or Draq5)

Connected services (subject to availability from collaborators) includes:

  • Ovum Pic-Up (bovines)

  • RNA-expression analyses of embryos from -80℃ storage

  • Epigenetic analyses of embryos from -80℃ storage

  • Embryo transfer

  • Analyses of culture media

  • Hazard analysis


Please contact Ylva Sjunnesson for information regarding future projects, user’s fees and possibilities for collaboration!