Sofie Joosse

Sofie Joosse
Researcher in environmental communication.


I am interested in the social organization of natural resource use.


I currently approach this broad research topic from three angles: 

A first research angle is food systems. Here I aim to find out more about how food systems shape the human relation to and impact on nature. I do so through focusing on the case of Fish. In the project Fish in the City I investigate different ways of organizing fish value chains (such as community supported fisheries, fisher cooperatives), and highlight the diversity of ways that fish travel to our plate. This research is partially funded by Formas through the project 'Fish in the City'. Follow the fish: The ways fish travel to our plates and how these fishways influence economy, community and environment.

A second research angle is farmers in an urbanizing world. The Swedish agricultural landscape is changing rapidly. Each week around Swedish farms quit, nearly one in three farmers is over 65 and many do not have a successor. In the coming years Sweden is therefore likely to see an additional decrease in the number of farmers that quit their business. A changing sector with larger and fewer farms means challenges and opportunities for those who want to enter the business and those who find new ways of continuing the family farm. Together with Ann Grubbström I investiage the impact on and agency of the different groups of farmers in this changing landscape, such as the future farmer, the immigrant farmer, the retired farmer, the new farmer and the social farmer. 

A third research angle is urban lifestyles. In a range of projects I investigate  sustainability interventions and their effects on urban lifestyles. Together with Daniel Bergqvuist and Madeleine Granvik in a FORMAS-funded project, I investigate what happens to people's everyday practices when they move to so-called green urban districts. More info on this project: Together with Josefin Wangel, Martin Westin and Malin Bäckman I investigate two governance strategies and their ethical dimensions, that are used in city planning to advance more sustainable lifestyles . This project - supported by the Swedish Energy Agency - is called Greening urban lifestyles through nudging and participation.






I am originally from the Netherlands and received my MSc. in Rural Sociology from the University of Wageningen. After that I moved to Sweden and received my PhD in Social and Economic Geography from the University of Uppsala. I have worked at or been affiliated to SLU since 2004 and throughout the years I have worked as a lecturer and organizer of several courses in Environmental Communication and Rural Development at SLU.

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Publikationer i urval

Peer-reviewed publications

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Book chapters

Joosse, S. (2010). Political Ecology as a Regional and Historical Approach Beyond Geographical Boundaries, but Back in Time. In: Eva Friman and G. Gallardo Fernandez Politicized Nature. CEFO publication series, Uppsala University

Bock, B., Derkzen P., Joosse, S. (2004) Livibility in Rural Policy: Women’s Business? A Comparative Study on Rural Policy in Two Dutch Provinces. Wageningen, Wageningen University Press.

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