Theresa S. Ibáñez

Theresa Ibáñez
PhD in Biology/ Forest Ecology


In boreal forests, wildfires are ecologically and evolutionarily important natural agents of disturbance, and wildfire is known to be a primary driver of community structure and ecosystem functioning. Global change drivers, such as climate warming and land use activities, are predicted to impact future fire frequency and fire behavior, which is likely to have consequences for forest community composition and processes. Likewise, land use changes and management activities are known to exert important impacts on the diversity, composition and functioning of forest ecosystems. While the direct impacts of fire, climate change, and forest management on boreal forest structure and function have been studied intensively, there remains a paucity of knowledge regarding how these factors interact to impact forest dynamic, structure and function. Further, the initial key phase of forest recovery after disturbance includes natural or assisted regeneration of tree seedlings. This is the most sensitive, but also least understood, stage of the recovery phases, hence, my PhD-project aims to specifically fill the existing gap of knowledge in this area.


Lecturer in SG0220 Forest Ekologi 15 credits, First cycle, 2019, 2020, 2021.

Topic: Fires and forest regeneration in Sweden

Course information SG0220


Master's degree in Environmental Science with emphasis on Biology, Gothenburg University, 2016.

Master's thesis topic: Soil respiration in primary and secondary tropical Montane rain forest, Nyungwe Forest National park, Rwanda.


Supervisor of Master's students project in the course Forest Ecosystem Ecology, 15 credits, Second cycle, 2020.

Topic: Effects of burned soil on Scandinavian coniferous seedlings growth

Students: Alice Cosatti, Leon Hauenschild, Maria Grånemo

Course information BI1369


Co-supervisor of Internship Master's student Marie-Lou Novene, Ecole Normale Supérieure, 2018.

Publikationer i urval


Ibáñez, T. S., Wardle, D., Gundale, M, J., Nilsson M-C.  Effects of Soil Abiotic and Biotic Factors on Tree Seedling Regeneration Following a Boreal Forest Wildfire. Ecosystems.


Kelly, J., Ibáñez, T. S., Santín, C., Doerr, S. H., Nilsson M-C., Holst, T., Lindroth, A., Kljun, N. Boreal forest soil carbon fluxes one year after a wildfire: effects of burn severity and management. Global Change Biology.