2 jun

Articum 4, Alnarp

Welcome to a BT seminar with Håkan Asp

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Anaerobic digestate – the Kinder Surprise with a different smell!

We have been investigating the horticultural use of digestate from biogas production. There are several benefits to be found in this process and more to come in the future. I will focus on a solid fraction of the digestate and how to use it as a substrate and a fertilizer in pot production.


Tid: 2023-06-02 10:00 - 11:00
Ort: Alnarp
Lokal: Articum 4
Mer information:

Håkan Asp is retiring and will in this seminar give a presentation of what he has been working on lately.

Håkan will be celebrated at a get together in the afternoon in the Vegetum South kitchen, at 14.30.