CGIAR Research Program Livestock Flagship Genetics

Senast ändrad: 11 april 2018

The Livestock Genetics flagship’s objectives are:

  • Identify and promote the most appropriate existing livestock breeds for systems and value chains (including promotion of breed substitution as relevant).
  • Develop improved breeds, capitalizing on recent advances in genomic and reproductive technologies (within-breed improvement, cross-breeding).
  • Develop effective delivery systems (public–private partnerships, community breeding schemes).
  • Seek improvements in relevant policies and institutional arrangements.

The flagship:

  • Combines genetics with appropriate health and feeds to improve livestock productivity.
  • Aims to ensure all stakeholders in livestock production systems, keepers and consumers can benefit from better livestock genetics.
  • Identifies and promotes the most appropriate livestock breeds for specific value chains and systems.
  • Develops improved breeds, capitalizing on new opportunities created by advances in genomic and reproductive technologies (within-breed improvement, cross-breeding).
  • Creates effective delivery systems for improved livestock genetics (such as public–private partnerships and community breeding schemes).
  • Improves policies and institutional arrangements to maximize the long-term effectiveness of genetic interventions.


Projektet är finansierat av: CGIAR, SLU

Projekttid: 2017-2022

Projektledare: DJ de Koning

Övriga medverkande Emelie Köning Zonabend, Kim Jäderkvist Fegraeus, Erling Strandberg  et al
International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), Nairobi, Kenya