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Breeding at SLU - internal workshop

interna händelser | seminarier, workshops |

A workshop to enhance collaboration of breeding researchers at SLU. There will be research presentations, an excursion, and discussion groups, and we will listen, interact and discuss ideas on how we can improve collaboration in breeding research, teaching and the usage of our infrastructure at SLU. Last but not least, we will socialize and have some fun!


Registration is now open, register here latest 15 July 2022 or until places are filled.

Abstract submission

In order to get to know each other’s research and to enhance collaboration, we would like that many participants, especially young researchers, postdocs and PhD students, present their research during this workshop. We will have space for 15 speed talk presentations and 35 poster presentations. Your abstract should not exceed half A4-page, and you should include your name and department.

You can still submit an abstract for a poster presentation, but not any more for a speed talk. Submissions are made via the registration page: https://www.slu.se/august22

For whom is this workshop?

The workshop is for people working within plant or animal breeding at SLU, who are employed, on a scholarship or admitted at SLU during the time of the workshop. The SLU Breeding Network will pay travel costs and accommodation at the Comfort Hotel Winn in Umeå for registered attendees. Maximum number of participants: 80.


Tid: 2022-08-23 10:00 - 2022-08-24 13:00
Ort: Umeå
Lokal: Skogis
Arrangör: SLU Breeding Network
Sista anmälningsdag: 15 juli 2022
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Prelim schedule

Day 1 (23 August): PO-Bäckströms Sal & Åteln, SLU Umeå

10:00-10:30   Welcome

10:30-11:00   Breeding research speed talks session I

Invited speakers:

      • Pär Ingvarsson, Professor in Plant Genomics and Plant Breeding, Department of Plant Biology, SLU
      • Lotta Rydhmer, Professor in Animal Genetics, Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics, SLU
      • Henrik Hallingbäck, Skogforsk

11:00-12:30   Poster session

12:30-13:15   Lunch

13:15-13:45   SLU Breeding research speed talks session II

14:00-17:00   Fika & exkursion to Röbäcksdalen

17:15            Bus to the hotel

18:30-21:00   Dinner at Umeå Folkets hus


Day 2 (24 August): PO-Bäckströms Sal & Åteln, SLU Umeå

08:00-08:05   Welcome

08:05-08:35   SLU Breeding research speed talks session III

08:40-09:30   Infrastructure for breeding at SLU

09:30-09:45   Coffee break

09:45-10:35   Teaching in breeding at SLU

10:35-11:45   Group work on better collaboration in teaching or infrastructure within breeding at SLU

11:45-12:15   Closing remarks/summary

12:15-13:15   Lunch


SLU Nätverk växtförädling och avel

Rodomiro Octavio Ortiz Rios (ordförande)
Institutionen för växtförädling, Alnarp

María Rosario García Gil, (vice ordförande)
Institutionen för skoglig genetik och växtfysiologi, Umeå

Katja Fedrowitz (koordinator)
Institutionen för ekologi, Uppsala
tel: +46 18 67 21 96