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Jennifer Bissonnette från Rhode Island School of Designs Nature Lab. RISD Nature Lab grundades för 80 år sedan av Edna Lawrence, för att "öppna elevernas ögon för skönheten i naturens underverk ... se form, yta, färg, konsistens, design och struktur." Jennifer ger oss exempel på hur vi bryter ner väggar mellan vetenskaplig kunskap och kreativ design.

A BioDesign Makerspace

Our world is currently facing unprecedented environmental
challenges, from global climate change and ocean acidification
to widespread habitat loss and pollution. These pressures are
worsened in many regions by shortages of potable water and
issues of food security. The fertile ground between art|design
studio practice and scientific enquiry holds promise for innovative
approaches to solving some of our most difficult problems, yet
effective strategies for facilitating both curricular development
and research investigation across disciplines are elusive. What
does it mean to take a truly transdisciplinary approach to topics
ranging from communicating more effectively about the science
involved, to “solving for pattern” at multiple scales? This talk will
explore these themes within the context of work being done at
the Rhode Island School of Design’s Nature Lab and its current
efforts to model a BioDesign Makerspace: where students can
be exposed to new methods of collaborative practice through
the lens of living systems.

About Jennifer Bissonette

Jennifer Bissonnette is an ecologist and marine scientist
who works in the fields of sustainability, regenerative and
biophilic design, and transdisciplinarity, recognizing the
potentially transformative work that can result from merging
science|nature with art|design methods of inquiry and
exploration. With a BS in Biology from Eckerd College,
and a Ph.D. in Marine Science from the College of William
and Mary/Virginia Institute of Marine Science, her work has
focused broadly on human-nature connections, believing that
a conservation ethic is best inspired by deep engagement
with the natural world. Her past experience includes working
on Capitol Hill as a natural resources legislative assistant,
coastal resource management work for the state of Virginia,
and teaching college level courses on a variety of topics
including aquaponics, biology, ecology and marine science.
She is currently the Biological Programs Designer at Rhode
Island School of Design’s Nature Lab, where she teaches
and mentors students on diverse art|design|science topics
in addition to overseeing the design|build of their new
BioDesign Makerspace.


Datum: 17 maj 2018

Keynote speaker: Jennifer Bissonnette, Rhode Island School of Design, USA.

Discussant: Juho Riikonen, landskapsarkitekt, Ekologigruppen, Malmö

Moderator: Lisa Diedrich, SLU Urban Futures

Plats: Form/Design Center, Malmö

Medarrangör: Malmö stad

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