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PhD position in biology at SLU Alnarp, Sweden - Genomic screening of traits for increased seed yield in red clover

We seek a motivated PhD student for a project with the aim to contribute to streamlining plant breeding for seed yield in red clover, an important protein-rich forage crop in Sweden. One challenge in red clover seed production is extreme variation in seed yield. In red clover, the seed yield is affected by many factors, including access to pollinators, cultivation-related factors and genotypic differences (e.g. ploidy). The aim of the project is to find stable links between seed yield and genomic data that can be used in future breeding programs based on genomic selection. The project is a collaboration between three departments at SLU (in Alnarp and Umeå) and industry funded by SLU Grogrund (Centre for Breeding of Food Crops). The work will be centred around phenotyping of plant traits in field and greenhouse studies as well as genetic analyses.


Closing date 5th of November, 2021

For more information, see Jobs and vacancies at SLU | Externwebben

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Publicerad: 22 april 2021 - Sidansvarig: elin.isberg@slu.se