Kalciumbesprutning ökar bladens motståndskraft mot STEC och förstärker hållbarheten för bladgrönsaker

Senast ändrad: 26 oktober 2023

The overall aim of the project is to create the conditions for production of leafy vegetables with reduced risk for contamination by human pathogens, including disease-causing strain shigatoxin producing E. coli O157: H7 (STEC). The aim of this pilot study is to investigate if calcium chloride leaf spray application can be used as a defense strategy for restricting access and spreading of microorganisms on leafy vegetables, including STEC, by modifying leaf mechanical properties, such as cell wall thickness and toughness (stiffness, rigidity).


The project is funded by: KSLA

Duration of the project: 2020

Project Leader: Emina Mulaosmanovic

Other contributors: Beatrix Alsanius, Lars Mogren, Hannes Vogler, University of Zürich Switzerland, Jan Burry ETH University Switzerland.