Olfaction in pigs – what can pigs smell?

Senast ändrad: 26 oktober 2023

This project aims to investigate what pigs can smell and how this is tested. The sense of smell is often not considered in pig production although pigs are anecdotally famous for their good sense of smell e.g. used for sniffing up truffles, and describes in kids literature e.g. by Astrid Lindgren. This project will be among the first to design an experiment for testing olfaction in pigs, and also to shed light onto what odors pigs can detect.


Prior experience working with/studying pigs is a prerequisite as knowledge is needed in the adaptation of the olfaction tests.  The experiments will be conducted at Lövsta in Uppsala, and drivers license is a good idea in order to increase flexibility.

The experiment is scheduled for July-september 2021, but the summer months will be where the main experimental activities take place.